Cheap Anti Fatigue Mats

Buying Cheap Marble Mats and Saving Your Knees and Back

Anti fatigue mats like marble mats are specially cushioned surfaces that you can lay anywhere you or your employees have to be standing in place for an extended period of time. Anti fatigue mats and marble mats are intended to reduce strain and repetitive stress injuries to the knees, calves, back and legs. These anti fatigue mats and marble mats are designed to be more cushioning and giving than a typical hardfloor surface which will drain and strain workers' backs and knees overtime, leading to increase lost work time due to injury and joint pain.

Workplace studies have also shown that repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and back and knee strain causes by standing still in place for a long while can lead to further medical complications down the road like arthritis and other chronic joint and bone disorders. It's important to protect yourself and your workers by buying marble mats to take some of the strain off of standing still for hours at a time.As workers age, the risks of developing this disorders and carrying them chronically for the remainder of their lives increases exponentially.

Which Kinds of Businesses Can Benefit from Anti Fatigue Mats and Marble Mats?

There are many different kinds of businesses and workplaces that can benefit from anti fatigue mats or marble mats. For example, cashiers at most any company are usually standing when they greet new customers or when they are ringing up a sale and helping a customer bag up their purchases. In fact, most cashiers remain standing throughout the duration of their shift, unless they have a stool to sit on. If your cashiers are standing still for hours at a time or throughout their shift, you definitely need to invest in marble mats or other anti fatigue mats to ensure their increased comfort and decreased risk of injury or strain.

Not only is it the right thing to do to protect your workers, the only people that help and enable you to make money, it is also smart business. In certain cases, workers may be able to sue you (and win) if they can demonstrate that you as an employer did not take sufficient precautions to ensure their safety in the workplace. If your worker can show that they incurred a repetitive stress injury as a consequence of performing their normal course of duties, especially if they had informed you of their discomfort or pain, you could very well end up paying out for a whole lot more than the cost of a cheap marble mat. So you should probably just buy them.

Meanwhile you, too, can enjoy the increased comfort and reduce stress of working in place while standing on a marble mat. Your knees and back will thank you even after a single shift performed on an anti fatigue mat designed to enhance your comfort and reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries.