It may be tempting as a nurse to find a cheap pair of nursing shoes because they tend to get dirty really fast and may need to be replaced faster than other types of shoes.  This however is contrary to what you should be doing.  Cheap nursing shoes are usually just cheap, poorly made walking shoes which consist of low cost materials and construction.  As a nurse you will likely deal with dirty jobs more than most professions and to adequately clean your shoes you need nursing shoes which are well made and constructed with the highest quality materials.

Most white nursing shoes are made from soft leather.  The leather is easy to clean and very durable and the white makes it easy to know when they are dirty and in need of a good cleaning.  Because nurses work in unsanitary environments somewhat frequently it’s very important for them to identify these needs as soon as possible.  Cheaper nursing shoes are usually made with cloth or other non-leather materials.  Although the material and construction is cheaper you usually can’t see the dirt as well nor can you clean the shoes as efficiently as you can with leather.

Cheap Black Nursing ShoesThe most comfortable nursing shoes are also not necessarily the cheapest shoes either.  Usually you think of leather shoes as less comfortable as non-leather shoes but because nurses are walking so much and on their feet even when they aren’t walking many leather nursing shoes are quite plush and the soles of the shoe are designed for light walking and activity.  You may pay a little more for a quality shoe for nursing but the shoe will hold up better, will be easier to clean, and it will be more comfortable for the many hours that you are on your feet.

Of course the main concern about paying a lot for nursing shoes is that they can get ruined on any given day so why would you want to pay more.  The reason is because not all nursing shoes will get ruined.  In fact the cheapest nursing shoes will get ruined much more often than the best nursing shoes which cost a bit more money.  Many of the top nursing shoes are designed to have few seams and pockets.  Most have no tongue or laces and many are incredibly easy to maintain.  

If you were to go to your local discount shoe store you may find some really cheap white walking shoes to use as a nurse but your feet will be less comfortable in them and they will be much harder to clean.  You don’t have to pay a lot more to get top quality white nursing shoes either as even the most expensive shoes aren’t much more than a hundred dollars.  It’s easy to find good nursing shoes in the fifty dollar range so stay away from the discount shoe stores and buy the best nursing shoes you can afford.  It will be worth it.