Everyone uses plastic storage containers and boxes in their homes for a variety of things. They come in different shapes, sizes and types depending on whether you wish to store all your out of season valuable possessions of clothing, food, electronic components even to tools depending on the strength of containers or boxes you have chosen. Then there are the smaller office type containers to hold stationary, files, pens and pencils.

These all come in a variety of colors including clear ones so you can see what is inside without opening the container. There are stackable ones with drawers, single containers with lids, and the snap on sealed containers, vacuum saver storage containers, plastic colored storage tubs for the workshop or use in vehicles for the electricians or service vehicles to store their nuts and bolts or small components.

Plastic storage containers not only keep your cupboards tidy but will also prevent mice or cockroaches out of your food products. You need to be aware that sometimes cheap is not always a good buy. If you require something to hold heavier things then make sure the plastic container is stronger and not too thin as it will break quicker.

There are many places to buy storage containers, from the larger department stores like Target, Wal-Mart and many others

Buy cheap plastic containers online

Anyone can go online and buy from the same department stores mentioned above. When buying online always check their returns policy. If you have a problem with any online store then you need to know that you can return the product for a full refund or replacement.

You can also try some of the following online sellers:

  • Rubbermaid.com- They stock a variety of plastic storage containers and boxes
  • LewisBins.com – These supply the tubs for the service vehicles or small workshops


Buy cheap plastic containers from Auctions online

Yes this is another way to find and buy plastic storage containers at the right price from a variety of auctions like:

  • EBay - you can either bid for items or buy now deals the safest payment is through PayPal
  • Overstock Auctions- You can buy direct or bid through the auctions for articles
  • Ubid Auctions – you can buy almost anything here - these accept payment by credit cards

Note: whenever buying over the internet always read all the information before bidding on any articles. Check cost of postage and delivery. Some sellers offer articles cheap then add enormous postage costs.

If you are not sure what the containers are like from the pictures online, then it makes sense to go into a local store and find the same brand so you can see what you will be buying online. Pictures on the net can be deceiving; they may look bigger or stronger than they actually are. Do your homework before wasting your hard earned money for something that will not do the job that you purchase it for.

Microwave, Freezer safe Storage containers

These Ikea plastic Food Savers are Microwave and freezer safe to use in any home

Assorted containers and their uses

Storing plastic food containers

When looking to buy food storage containers look for the ones which the lids will fit all the containers. There is nothing worse than having a stack on containers and then you lose a lid. So you have to throw the base away. If you buy mix and match lids then all the lids will fit on any sized container belonging to that set. This will also reduce the storage space they take up in your cupboard.

Large plastic storage containers

Buy the ones with wheels on the bottom if buying large plastic containers. Not only will it make it easier to move them from cupboard to cupboard, it will save you injuring your back in the process. Like any moving parts the wheels need to be cleaned from time to time otherwise if they are clogged up with dust and grime they will eventually break. Keep them clean and extend their lifetime of usefulness.

Organizing your Food storage containers

Rolling Storage Box

Advantus Rolling Storage Box with Snap Lid, 15-Gallon Size, Clear (34009)
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(price as of Aug 15, 2015)
Large plastic storage with matching lid and easy roll wheels to move easily about.