To buy cheap westone um1s or westone 1s or even 2s and 3s, there are a few techniques as well as ideas for you to save a few dozen dollars. Westone earphones are high value and high tech modern devices that pack a powerful aural punch within an affordable price range for people. They are used by music audiophiles as well as professional musicians when they go on stage.
But before all that, you must decide if a westone um1 or its brother and sister earphones are what you want, that is if it would fit your needs.
The minimum price for a westone comes in its entry series that is the westone um1 or westone 1, both of which starts in three digits. Westone um1 will set you back about 100+ dollars, but that is before the discounts that you can get. A westone numbered series roughly parallels the ums in the price, but are targeted more at the home experience.

If you're looking for a cheap disposable pair of earphones that has horrible music, then this is not the earphones for you. If you always lose your earphones then this might be a bad choice, as it would be expensive to drop it and lose it somewhere. If you need to hear the sound of traffic, you have to look elsewhere too, this line are noise reducing. i.e. they act as earplugs. If you're not too picky about what you hear, try this, you might have a different perspective after that.

If you're a health freak, then you would be glad to know you can periodically change the earbuds, in fact you're expected to.

If you want bass, get the westone numbered series.

Now, we can move forward to the different ways that you can use to cut down the prices.

For one, since this is a high maintenance earphone, you should purchase the detachable earbuds in bulk. They can be sold in packages of 3, allowing you to save about 20% off the price of earbuds. If you shop for it online, you may be able to save more.

For the original device itself:

You can look for voucher codes, and promotions, either from a music shop, or perhaps a high end retail end that would give you either a % off or a sum of dollars off. Sometimes promotions happen online, and you can take advantage of the opportunity.

Secondly you could try Amazon, you can take part in the competition here at infobarrel, and get a $50 voucher, that would take off a third off the price. Some other sites also offer amazon online discount vouchers in a raffle system, where you can just comment on a post and you are automatically entered into the roll and have a chance to win.

You could also look at bundled packages, where they may add in amplifiers or iphone accessories. Although you might not need them, you can then proceed to sell them online, either through blog shops or forums or even ebay. Someone is probably glad to offload it off you. This way, you get your westone um1 at a much cheaper price.

You might also want to consider buying a second hand westone. Since the only portion that goes into your ears are the earbuds, and they are detachable, a second hand pair would be relatively clean compared to other earphones in the market out there. So if one is not too picky about that, you might consider hunting ebay for people looking to sell their used pairs.