Some of the most comfortable and durable pants come in the form of chino pants for women. Chino is a type of fabric that is usually made of 100% cotton although some modern chino's use a blend of synthetic and cotton to achieve different results such as increased stretch, durability and affordability. This type of material was originally developed for the British and French military in the form of Khaki pants and shirts. Returning war veterans popularized this style of clothing and today it has even been adopted as a popular casual shorts and pants style for women. In this article we look at the different types of chino cloth clothing available, where you can buy them for the best prices possible, and we cover some tips for clothing and accessories to match with your newfound chinos.

What Can You Get in Chino Fabric?

This type of fabric has been adapted to many uses now including: pants, shorts, hats, vests, blouses, accessories and bags. The reason for it's success is closely tied to it's durability and comfort but it's also lightweight making it useful all year round. Chino cotton pants and linen chino pants also make great school uniforms as they can be bought in most common school colors and are very durable. This type of material was originally intended for clothing for men but it is popular for women's clothing as well as boys and toddlers now.

Chino Shirts - L.L.Bean

Chino shirts are less common than their lower worn counterparts but they have everything that makes chino clothing great - lightweight, comfort and durability in a great range of colors. L.L.Bean have been paving the way when it comes to this market and if you are looking for smart casual clothing that lasts then you should try them out as well. Customer reviews on the L.L.Bean clothing in this range are hugely positive with most lines getting over 4.5 out of 5 star ratings. Comfortable, great value and durable are the most commonly praised attributes. There are a number of other brands that sell these shirts too, so don't be afraid to shop around for a comparison.

Where to Buy the Best Cheap Chino Clothing - Chinos on Clearance

The best way to find this comfortable clothing for cheap is on sale in clearance outlets. Clothing warehouses often have huge stocks of last year's clothing and leftovers from the last summer sale, which you can get for extremely cheap - even as much as 90% off retail. You don't always have to buy old stock to get a bargain though. Sometimes you can find new arrivals on special as an incentive for people to try out a new line of clothing. This commonly happens in retail stores and in some fashion stores. Get in early and you will be ahead of the curve in fashion in addition to saving money. The other option for cheap chino clothing is online through bulk sellers on eBay. You can often get multiple pairs in your size for the cot of a single pari or cheaper from these sellers. However, you should always make sure that you read previous customer reviews for each seller before you buy so that you know they are a quality seller. A rating of 95% might seem good but on eBay that is actually quite low for a large seller.

What are the Best Brands of Chinos?

Buying the best brands may not always be the cheapest initially but it can end up saving you money in the long run on clothing that simply lasts longer. You will also be hard pressed to find better looking chinos then the brand name ones, even imitation brands often fall short. One of the most well-known brands for this type of clothing is Dockers. The new Dockers SF Tapered style of pants is especially popular in the slim fitting category. Another popular brand is made in the USA Incotex brand, however they can be quite expensive compared to other similar brands. Polo also has a RL chinos series, which is quite popular because of its high quality and good-looking color options. ASOS make some top quality clothing in these styles for both men and women and they can be quite affordable. Finding the best brand for you will depend on how much you want to spend and what styles and looks you prefer. Each brand has its unique spin on the market so do not hesitate to try a few different ones on to see, which you prefer.

Sizing Chinos

Whether you are looking for plus size or petite plus sizes the best way to go about finding the perfect fit is with a sizing chart. You should be able to find one in store but there are also many charts available online for you to reference or print off. Remember that when sizing you take into account the style that you are buying. Fitted pants should err on the larger side while loose clothing has a bit more freedom in being larger or smaller. Above all else a comfortable waist when worn below the belly button is a must. The waistline should be firm but not tight otherwise it can cut off blood flow and cause bruising.

Tips for Fashion with Chinos

You can now get chino pants in many other colors besides khaki and this has made it a lot easier to create a fashionable outfit with this comfortable type of clothing. If you have white pants then a darker color top and shoes are recommended, while if you have black pants then you could consider lighter tops or blues for a more subtle approach. Capri pants or waist pants are best suited to loosely flowing tops and look great with accessories like a twill cap. Crop pants or cargo pants on the other hand look better with a tighter, more fitted top. Colored sweaters go very well with fitted pants styles, especially when worn with some larger jewellery like bracelets and a necklace. When you go shopping for chino pants for women don't hesitate to buy plenty of accessories and tops too.