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A Little Bit Of Converse Shoes History

As many people know, Converse sneakers have been around for a very long time and have been known as an American Icon. They were a favorite of the Greasers in Grease, who wore them proudly with a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, or wore them during gym class while playing basketball. Chuck Taylor All-Stars were first produced in 1917 in an attempt to win over the basketball shoe market. They were popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s and then (arguably) went out of style until the 1990’s when they were favored by metal and grunge fans. By this time, they were available in a variety of colors and in both Hi-top and Low-tops. Today, Converse shoes have become extremely popular with just about everyone, even those who never dipped into the grunge phase of the 1990’s. What many people may not be aware of is just how many different Converse styles are available to choose from. These versatile sneakers have come such a long way from the plain red and white or black and white style that we have all gotten so accusomted to seeing.

No Buster Brown Shoes And No Sketchers Sneakers, Apparently...

I started out by looking for a pair of Converse shoes for my 4th grader. She insisted on having a pair, although I really couldn’t figure out why, considering all of the other choices of shoes that were available to her. I admit that I had my eye on a cute pair of Sketchers sneakers for her and was a bit dismayed at her insistence of her desire to buy Converse sneakers. There was also a pair of Buster Brown shoes that I had eyeballed, but knew that Buster Brown shoes were a bit passé nowadays. It’s okay, I can be modern and flex my idealisms. I reminded myself that these shoes were for my daughter, and not for myself and began to look for Converse shoes for kids online. What I found was surprising and I became glad that my daughter was so insistent.

Dr. Seuss Converse Sneakers? Really?? And Converse Shoes For Kids...

Converse makes a special line of Converse shoes for kids that are unlike the regular line that was originally made for adults. The first ones that I liked were the Cupcake Converse shoes. These were adorable shoes that had a brown base and little pink cupcakes all over them. I didn’t find them on the official Converse website but did see them in a couple of online shoe stores. Every time I attempted to buy them from these online discount shoe stores, they were out of stock or unavailable, which was pretty disappointing. I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t buy the Cupcake Converse online anywhere, despite having searched high and low for a pair for her, but never did find them. Then I found the Dr. Seuss Converse shoes, but didn’t care for them. Their bold red and blue coloring was a bit too much for me, and I didn’t think they would look good on my daughter who is normally quite feminine. They had a couple of different Dr. Seuss Converse shoes, one pair that came complete with crazy red and white striped shoe laces, which really helped to complete the Dr. Seuss theme. They were cute, yes, but cute to look at online, not cute to actually put on your child each day for school.

You Can Buy Customized Chuck Taylors Online!

Further searching revealed that I could buy customized Chuck Taylors online and create just about any look that I wanted. I could customize the color of the canvas and was able to choose multiple colors if I so wanted- how cool is that? Of course, these custom Chucks had to be purchased directly from Converse and would take a couple of weeks before they were ready. I sat down with my daughter to discuss her color scheme request and she chose black on black. I had to laugh at this, considering all of the cool colors that were available to choose from. I finally talked her into trying a black and hot pink combination, which she absolutely loved. It’s been almost two years and I’m grateful that she still fits into these shoes because she wears them almost daily. And at least they’re not crazy Dr. Seuss style shoes.

A couple of weeks later, I did the unspeakable. I went back to the Converse website and started looking at all of the Chuck Taylor prints and colors that were available. I marveled at some of the unique patterns that they had, that I had never seen in a retail shoe store before. I even tried to see if I could find the Cupcake Converse shoes for myself, just in case they were available in adult sizes. I quickly figured out that I could get my Converse cheap in an online discount shoe store as opposed to paying top dollar in the Converse store in the mall. I finally buckled and decided to order my Chuck Taylors online. They arrived quickly, and the online shoe store had free shipping, which made the deal even sweeter. I showed my daughter my new Chucks when she got home and she thought they were awesome. So awesome that she wanted me to order her a matching pair. While flattering, I didn’t want to walk around wearing the exact same shoes as my daughter. Yes, I adore her and think she’s the cutest thing since sliced bread, but twin Chuck Taylors? I don’t think so.

I told her that I’d be glad to pick out a new pair of Chuck Taylors with her right away, as her old pair was getting worn and she had nearly outgrown them. I was happy to show her all of the available shoes online. She obviously couldn’t try them on, but most online shoe stores offer free returns if there is a problem with the size of shoe that was ordered. With such liberal return policies, it’s hard to go wrong when ordering new shoes online. I told her she can choose any color or pattern that she wants, it’s completely up to her choosing. As long as she doesn’t choose the Dr. Seuss Chuck Taylors.

Chuck Taylors Converse

Chuck Taylors can be customized to suit your style.