What Are Distressed Leather Sofas?

Distressed leather sofas have been worn out, usually artificially, to created an aged effect without damaging the quality of the material. This is done using special scratching and rubbing techniques, and dyes are often used in layers to help created the look of a vintage leather sofa while being brand new.

Not all distressed leather sofas are created "artificially." Many older couches take a beating over their distressed leather sofaslifetime, and the ones that survive the years and remain in good condition are usually worthy of the "distressed" moniker. Many of these antique leather sofas will have been restored, so any flaws they may have developed will not be an issue. Finding one of these classic couches for cheap will be a difficult task, as they often sell for four, if not five digit figures, and are usually considered more for their artistic value than practical use.

Can I Distress a Leather Sofa Myself?

A leather sofa on sale for $2000 can be sold for $3500 or more - quite the nice return for the manufacturer! This has resulted in individuals trying to make their own distressed leather sofas, by taking a normal leather sofa and using a number of distressing techniques. While it is possible to do the distressing process yourself, there is the inherent risk of damaging the couch, leaving yourself with a potentially useless and valueless piece of furniture. That being said, it is also the cheapest method of getting your hands on a distressed leather sofa, as you can take any generic $300 leather couch and distress it yourself.

How Can I Find A Discount Distressed Leather Sofa?

Most distressed leather sofas are not cheap. It is difficult to find one of these classic looking couches for under $1000. Cabella's has some beautiful distressed leather sofas, but the cheapest price tag is around the $1300 mark. Your best bet is to find second hand deals, as used leather sofas will often sell far below their retail price.

eBay is a good starting point, as you can look for distressed leather couches from all over the world. The auction format means you might be able to find an incredible deal - saving hundreds of dollars. eBay is the largest marketplace on the globe for people looking to sell unwanted items, so if you can't find it here, you'll have to look in much more obscure places.

Antique stores are a good place to look for distressed leather sofas if you have one in your area. Obviously, you are more likely to find an antique couch than a factory-distressed one in an antique shop. These stores are usually privately owned, so you can haggle somewhat on the price if the owner also runs the store.

Local classifieds are another great way to find cheap used leather furniture. People that are moving or redecorating often can't afford to wait around for the perfect buyer with a fat wallet to happen by, and will sell their distressed leather sofa for much less than they paid for it.

Other Options for Cheap Distressed Couches

If you are really sold on the distressed look, you might consider looking at distressed recliner couches made from microfiber. A distressed microfiber couch will still create a similar feeling in a room as a leather sofa, and will cost up to 50% less.