Are you buying a dog, perhaps a puppy? You need to think about buying dog gates for the house before your new puppy arrives. It is important to create no-go areas for your new pet as part of the house-training process. These will help to prevent "accidents" on your expensive carpets. Use dog gates for the house to limit your puppy's roaming ability and to keep him in areas that are easily cleaned up.

Where Do You Need Dog Gates For The House?

Think of your new pet as you would a toddler. You would use child safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs, the outside door and kitchen. A new puppy needs the same protection. He needs to be able to explore, but within the limits that you set.

What Kinds of Dog Gates Are Available For The House?

There are three different types, and hundreds of designs within each basic type.

For high-risk areas like the top of the stairs, you need a hardware-mounted gate, with screws or bolts to attach it to the walls.

For medium risk areas such as the bottom of the stairs, outside doors and internal doorways you can use a pressure-mounted dog gate. These use rubber stoppers that are moved outwards along bars until the gate fits tight against the wall, doorway or newel post.

For low-risk areas you can use a folding, freestanding dog gate. These are good for puppies and for small dogs, but even a medium sized adult dog will knock these over.

Hardware Mounted Dog Gates For The House

These can be used in any position that has suitable mounting points. Different gates are designed to fit different size gaps, so measure the distance between two opposite walls or posts before you choose a hardware mounted dog gate.

All you need are two vertical surfaces that are opposite each other, and space to mount the gate. Different fittings can be used to ensure a secure mounting, even on a hollow, plasterboard wall. If you are unsure about plasterboard fittings being strong enough, then use toggle bolts.

For your own safety, choose a hardware mounted dog gate for the house that comes without a metal or wooden bar across the floor. These bars represent a significant trip hazard.

Pressure Mounted Dog Gates For The House

These gates have the advantage that they require no drilling and they can be removed without any permanent damage to doorways.

The best gates have no bar across the floor and they are easy for you, or your children to open.

Freestanding Dog Gates For The House

These are intended for use with wide openings, where a fixed gate would be impractical. There are two types, three panel gates that are stable when opened out, and gates that have feet on the bottom, giving some resistance against your puppy knocking the gate over.

Features To Look For In Any Dog Gate For The House

It must be easy for you to use, but not possible for your dog to open or knock over. It should not have a floor bar to trip over and should be chew-resistant.

There are many different materials used for internal, house, dog gates. Some are made from timber, but these are primarily for appearance and a visual deterrent to your dog; any dog worth its salt will chew at a wooden gate and destroy it.

You can buy stainless steel dog gates as well as wrought iron ones. You can even have bespoke, designer, dog gates made for your house.