Your Easter clothes may be the only time you get dressed up all year. You might even use the new outfit as a chance to get a nice family portrait taken. Even if you are on a budget, you can still create a new outfit out of your existing wardrobe. Here is how to pick appropriate Easter clothes and dresses.

Consider how often you'll wear this dress. You might want this dress to work for church or weddings throughout the rest of the season. If that's the case then go with a versatile color or choose something a little more understated. You might want to pass on brightly colored florals that just scream Easter if you intend to wear your dress a lot. A lot of Easter dresses get pushed to the back of the closet. When you pull them out the next year you are too embarrassed by your choice to even really wear it again that year so you have to buy something new.

Consider the material for children. If you want your little girl to wear the dress more than once then make sure it's washable. You want to be able to get all of those chocolate and candy stains from the big day out of them. It may be too warm to dress your little boy up in a traditional suit. For a baby look for an onesie that has a tie appliqué so even infants can be dressed for the occasion.

Work with what you've got. Sure, it's nice to have a new dress for the holiday but it isn't always practical for your budget or lifestyle. You might be able to makeover a bridesmaids dress. They are fancy, and you probably have a few colors in the back of your closet that you wouldn't normally wear. You can try taking off a lot of the embellishments and then shorten the dress. The bride herself might not even recognize it. You can also just really accessorize a basic sheath dress. Try a ribbon belt or ornate brooch to bring in more color and whimsy. Then you can add glamour by going over the top with your hair and makeup for an Easter look that turns out to be free.

Look for pastels. Easter clothes are usually found in spring colors such as pink, yellow, green, white & lavender. Navy is also a traditional Easter color. If you decide to go for a rich chocolate brown dress, make sure that you are comfortable with being distinctive.

There's nothing wrong with matching. Some families like to coordinate their Easter clothes. This really depends on your personality. Your little girl's dress doesn't have to match yours exactly. Just look for outfits that are in the same color palette. This way you'll both be able to wear what suits your figure type, but your pictures will still be adorable. If you can't afford a whole new outfit for your significant other, buy him a new tie that matches your dress. This also makes for really coordinated pictures. Your Easter photo may even be the one that you hang on the wall as your family portrait or give to your parents as gifts.

Make your little girl's dream come true. More & more Easter clothes come with a matching outfit for a doll the size of an American Girl doll. This can make for adorable pictures & can be just another thing to add to the Easter basket. You can also find little gloves and a purse. She will always treasure her first purse even if she doesn't really have anything to carry around.

Get it while it's hot. Suits & dresses for women can be difficult to find on a budget. Throughout the year it seems like most stores just have one or two dresses in stock. Even if you aren't attending church, or celebrating Easter, it can still be a good time to go shopping. Your Easter clothes can transform into your new spring wardrobe. Check the clearance rack for a few weeks after Easter. You'll be able to stock up on dresses that will be fantastic for any spring weddings or graduations you have coming up.

Go all out. Easter is a time to feel pretty. Your Easter clothes might include organza, ribbons, or even a silk flower on the shoulder. Say goodbye to understated looks for one day & buy a dream dress or suit.

There are two kinds of people in this world: the ones that wear hats & the ones that don't. Easter is an acceptable time to give wearing a hat a try. It might just become your new signature.

Go for a softer look. Easter is a time to dress in a romantic style although you'll still need to take your own body shape and personal style into account. You might want to go with a white peasant skirt for more of a casual look. You can also find clothes with lace or ruffles for a feminine springtime look that might even have a vintage feel to it.

Change where you shop. You might find appropriate and sophisticated dresses in the mother of the bride department. You can often find a more youthful gown in this section that also has modest lines and you can choose whatever color you deem appropriate.

You don't have to look like an old lady or a little girl when dressing for this occasion. Skip nylons and go for a tan. Accessorize with daring heels that will add a little bit of a bolder attitude to a sweet dress. You can even find more formal looking sundresses that will work for the occasion if you want to be trendy and still show off your shape.

Dressing for Easter is a time to be appropriate but also look your best. With a little planning and innovation you can coordinate the look of your entire family. It's a time to dress up but also be practical about the clothes you can and can't use again in your everyday life.