If you are thinking about buying Elvis trading cards online to start a collection or have a specific Elvis Presley card in mind, there are quite a number of different websites and options you can actually undertake to getting hold of them. This article will hopefully provide you with quite a few ideas and options on where you can go to purchase these Elvis playing cards from.

(If you are interested in finding out about all collections that are available to Elvis play cards then please click here or/and if you looking to know some potential avenues on where you can find the value and sell your Elvis Presley trading cards then please click here.)

A great site to start off your search for these cards  would be at Amazon.com, where they have a huge collection of these Elvis play cards being listed by individuals (usually dealers) and companies, it can act as both a good resource to a collector who is interested to just buy one card in order to complete his Elvis card collection and to those who are just looking to start out collecting.The cards listed on Amazon range from all over the eras right from the starting 1956 bubble gum Elvis Card collection to the huge 1992 River Collection which must have around twenty four collections in itself and ending with the Elv75 2010 - 'his life' family of cards.

Another major site to check out would be eBay, where there are literally hundreds and hundreds of Elvis Presley trading cards and Elvis collections being listed for auction being sold ('buy it now'), this would probably be more useful to the collector who is looking to complete their collection rather than start it, however as they are generally listed as single cards on eBay. Be sure to get in touch with the seller about the quality and condition of the cards along with any other queries you may have, before making a bid or the purchase of the card.

If  you still can't find the card you are after, then to get into manually searching the internet for specialised card dealing sites that are offering to sell these cards. You can do this by firstly knowing the you want card to add to your collection, I would then just do a quick search for it in a search engine such as google. For example you do a search term like '1956 Elvis Card Sale' which I then managed to stumble across 'Dean's Cards' which are selling the individual cards of the 1956 Bubble Inc. Elvis Presley card collection, right from the Number One - Go, Go, Go, Elvis card to the last card in the collection Number Sixty Sixth card'Clint takes Aim'.

Here is a small list of other sites like 'Dean's Cards' that you might want to check out to buy Elvis Cards from:

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If you are really specific about a card that you are wanting to buy and there is literally no where selling one, you could think about heading to an Elvis fan site or forum and then starting a thread or query stating that you are looking to buy this specific card that you are interested in. Then perhaps someone will get in touch with you who has the card, or they know someone who is trying to sell you that Elvis trading card and you might be able to get in touch and then carry out a transaction online.