Don't Turn Your Firewood Purchasing Experience Into a Nightmare

Having a fire in your fireplace at home can be a great cost saving measure and at the same time be a lot of fun.  Most everyone who grew up with fireplace fires in the wintertime has fond memories.  If you currently have a fireplace in your home and want to have fires, you are obviously going to need firewood.  Buying firewood can be an adventure. It can also be a nightmare. below are some tips to help you with your firewood purchasing.

Ample Storage Space
Make sure you have an adequate amount of space measured out for the firewood you are about to purchase.  If you run out of space you are going to do what most people do and keep stacking the wood higher and higher in the space you have. This makes it rather incovenient when you you need wood.  Secondly, make sure the area you have to store the wood is a "good" storage area.  There are many factors that come into play here:  Covering, access to the wood and closeness to the house (spiders, etc) just to name a few.  Spend a little time before picking up your load of wood to determine the best place to store it.

Sizes and Measurements
There is not much more confusing than how wood is measured and sold.  Not having some knowledge going in can lead to you being taken advantage of or you, non intentially, not getting what you paid for.
Most state's legal term used for the measurement of firewood is the cord. It is going to be much easier if you only purchase firewood which is sold in cords or fractions of cords.

Cord-A cord is a unit of wood that takes up 128 cubic feet of space. This is based on condensed, stacked roundwood (including bark) that is stacked in an area of 4 feet by 4 feet by 8 feet. Only purchase wood that his cut to burn length (16") and is neatly and tightly stacked.  You will then be getting a true cord of would has opposed to wood which randomly stacked in a pile.

The price of a cord of wood will vary greatly based on location, time of year and scarcity at the time of purchase. Make sure you know the price before going to pick up wood.  Shop around to make sure you are paying a fair price.

Picking up Firewood
Most standard pick up trucks will not hold a cord of wood.  That's OK.  Remember that a cord of would is 128 cubic feet.  You can measure you pick up bed (length x width x heigth) and divide by 128 to determine how much would your pick up truck and hold.  (If only stacked to the top of the sides).  Know the size of  your truck before going to pick up wood.

Being armed with information will be very helpful when buying firewood. Also, try to set up as much of the transaction over the phone.  Items to set up over the phone are:
How would is stacked
How long will be loaded
Is the wood wet, green?
Setting up as much as possible beforehand will eliminate most surprises when you pull up, ready to purchase and load your wood.  Good luck!

Buying Firewood

Buying Firewood Tips