Did you know that buying floating candles in bulk can save you huge money? Floating candles are simply designed to float in water. They are smartly designed decorative candles that won’t tip over in water and remain stable as they burn. These luxury candles can be used for many special occasions and can be used in pools to create a nice visual effect, or they can be used on a dinner table in a large dish of water. They create a very nice ambience and will create a great impression with guests.

Why Buy Floating Candles?

These are small and are like votive candles. They look really cool floating in water.  Some of them burn out fast but others do not. You can place them in swimming pools or water fountains, on a deck or patio, etc.

Buying Floating Candles in BulkCredit: beach-theme-wedding-ideas.com

These would also look great at a wedding, special occasions, parties or for any classy event. They would also just look great in your home by a fireplace or at the dinner table.

I’ve listed below a classic, smooth-sided, white hand-poured floating candle, which has a long burn time, with some people claiming as much as 10 hours! These discount floating candles are also pretty inexpensive.

You must also check out the cylinder floating vase set or candles jars, both located next to this listing.

Top Rated Floating Candle Set

These would look really good in a pool or at a dinner table!

Looking for colored floating candles instead? While white looks great at weddings, you may want to consider buying colored candles in bulk for parties or special events such as a birthday.

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This product listed below comes in a wide range of colors and their approximate burning time is 6 hours.

Check out these colored bulk floating candles below!

Top Rated Colored Candles on Amazon

Colored Floating Candles - Lime Juice
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(price as of Jul 25, 2016)
Add some color to your party!

Buying Cheap White Pillar Candles in Bulk

Maybe you are looking for white pillars instead? These do not float but are good for placing around a home or party. Some of them have the longest burn times of candles out there, up to 15 hours.

Buying white unscented pillar candles in bulk could be a good idea if you love candles and want to place them around the home to create an ambient setting.  Buying these unscented pillars in bulk will save you a ton of money, too. Check out this article on unscented white pillars.

Luxury Soy Candles

I also have written a lot about luxury candles such as the Diamond Candle and other brands. These contain ingredients that make them smell amazing and they are designed to turn heads! These are some of the most unique candles you will find on the market. Read more on Luxury Soy Candles here.

Why I Like Candles - Random Facts About Candles

Floating, Luxury Soy, White Unscented Pillars, Diamonds, etc. Candles are awesome because they come in so many different shapes, sizes and colors. Here are some interesting facts you might not have known about candles, courtesy of Candles.org:

"- U.S. retail sales of candles are estimated at approximately
$2 billion annually.

- They are used in 7 out of 10 U.S. households.

- They come in an endless variety of sizes and shapes, from tapers, votives, pillars and tealights to container/jar candles, floating candles, liturgical candles, etc.

- Votives, container candles and pillars are currently the most popular types of candles with American consumers.

- Industry research indicates that the most important factors affecting candle sales are scent, color, cost and shape.

- They range in price from 50 cents to a normal votive to highly unusual or embellished artisan candles which can cost over $200!

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