Framed artwork


If you would like to buy framed artwork that is less expensive than in art galleries, here are some good tips. You don't have to pay art gallery prices anymore. There are easy ways to pay less for some of the best art. You can find some very expensive art which may even be signed and in good shape if you use creative avenues to attain it.

You know you can always go to E-Bay for most anything. You can definitely buy some decent paintings cheap on E-Bay. Remember, you will also need to pay shipping and handling as well though. Still, all in all, if you buy it on e-bay, it will be much cheaper than in the art galleries.

Public Auctions are a great place to buy paintings.Sometimes you can even pay as little as $5.00 for this art. You may be able to buy a huge "Lot" of paintings all at once. Auctions are known to sell art in "Lots".This is one of the best places you can buy artwork as it's extremely cheap. You may have to clean up the frames if they have been slightly damaged. Make sure you check everything over really good before you bid.

You could also buy framed artwork cheap at yard sales or church sales. If you have a lot of wall space, make sure you figure out ahead of time how many paintings you need. Be prepared to look behind other paintings as people like to stack them. Sometimes you will find them stacked in boxes as well around the tables as well. Again, be sure to check over the paintings really good before you buy so you will be sure you clean up any paintings that may have damage to the frames.

Second hand shops or consignment shops are always good places to buy framed artwork less expensively. They are more expensive then some of the other suggestions because these shops may have bigger overhead fees to pay. They are guaranteed to be cheaper then the galleries though. You never know what you will find in these shops. Sometimes people don't realize the value of art or don't recognize the artists and it may be worth even more than you think.

It may take you several months to find just what you want in your search for framed artwork but it will be well worth the effort when you place those beautiful masterpieces on your walls.