Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy Note 3
Credit: Photograher: DéJeur

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   Technology these days is a very interesting and exciting thing, and if you're old enough to remember the pager or beeper then you're aware of how far technology in general has come. These days the most cutting edge piece of mobile technology is only a few months away from getting upstaged by the next newer more advanced piece of mobile technology, and people everywhere have fallen into this vicious cycle of wanting to be in possession of the latest mobile gadget. Well, I have become aware of how exciting it is to possess the hottest mobile gadget, and it is cool, but doubt I will replace the mobile device I have now in a few months. The device that I'm talking about is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a pretty impressive piece of technology and an overall sexy mobile device to have. Here are more of my thoughts and general opinion on this phone. 

Packed with Power

   As the title of this article suggests, I'm currently buying the Note 3, I pay a certain amount for it along with my mobile service through T-Mobile. This is because this device isn't just a regular smart phone, and neither is the price point. My last device was the Huawei Mercury, which wasn't completely crap and was a device I liked, but compared to the Note 3, it's a dinosaur. With a 2.3GHz quad core processor, the Note 3 is practically a laptop, and from the months I had it, it has been one. A 5.7 full HD super Amoled display makes it an incredible viewing experience for movies and games, but also great for work related purposes because with the screen real estate and the multi task function, using this device to work on projects is quite feasible. This device is pretty much the father of the Galaxy S4, a device I tried before the Note 3, but I found the S4 to become very laggy and slow to respond in some instances, with the Note 3 however, it has been running smoothly and seamlessly since the day I brought it home. This device has an IR blaster which can be used to change the channels on cable boxes and TVs, it has facial recognition and motion sensors which can be used for swiping Web pages with a hand gesture and making videos stop while your head is turned. All of those nifty things are things I don't use much, but is cool as hell to know those things can be done. 

Overall Opinion on the Galaxy Note 3

   A few more things to mention technology wise is the 13MP rear facing camera and 2MP front facing camera, and HD 1080p recording, as well as 4K recording capabilities, and several other specs I'm simply not going to list. It is safe to say as far as smart phones go, the Note 3 is no joke. A device that makes you feel like you can do anything because you know you're possessing a device that can do anything, and you would be hard pressed to discover something it can't do. One last highlight of this device is the stylus that comes with it called S Pen, aside from feeling like quite the executive while using it, the functionality of it is amazing, from being able to capture images from anywhere even videos that are playing, creating artwork without a difficult learning curve of how to use the pen, and writing and jotting whatever you want and the phone turn it into text. So, what are the Pros of the Note 3: It does everything. What are the Cons: There are none (in my opinion). I honestly don't think in the next few months I will be so intrigued by the next big mobile device release that I will be compelled to upgrade the phone I have now, in most cases the Note 3 will be my work horse for a few years, as long as I can create and format articles with the Note 3 as effortlessly as did I did this one, then this phone is definitely a keeper.