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Great news! Another baby is on the way and it can be difficult to choose a special gift for the thrilled parents and new baby. If the sibling of the new baby is still young, the parents likely have the baby clothes, crib and gear they used for their first child. Here are some ideas for second baby gifts and although these ideas may not be the kind of gifts anyone would initially want to give parents in anticipation of the new arrival, they are the kind of gifts parents love to receive if they already have lots of baby essentials and not a lot of room to put more stuff.

Diapers and Wipes. Diapers are expensive and even though they might not be a glamorous gift, they will be much appreciated by the parents. Newborn size is great at the beginning, but some babies, if they use that size at all, aren't in it for very long. You could buy several packages of size one or several different sizes that can be used throughout the baby's first year. Don't forget several packages of unscented baby wipes. You might need to do a little research here to determine if the parents will use disposable or cloth diapers. If they prefer cloth, you could purchase several months of diapers service. This also can be expensive and might be better as a group gift where several people can contribute.

Books. A home can never have too many books. Although it may be difficult to separate the books of two young children, and maybe the parents won't even try to, the new baby will love having a few books of his or her own. Small board books are perfect for babies when they are at the age where they start to hold on to toys and if the board books are stored in a basket with toys, short reading sessions can happen at a moment's notice.

Double stroller. If the older child is young enough to use a stroller, a double stroller would be a great gift for the family. It will make things a lot easier, especially when one parent will be out with both children.

Scrapbook or photo album supplies. If the parents like to keep photos in a scrapbook or photo album, consider buying them a new photo album or scrapbooking supplies for the baby's photos, announcements and keepsakes.

House cleaning service. Hiring a professional house cleaning service for a month for the new parents could be a very welcome gift. If the parents are okay with having someone come in and clean a couple times a month, they will appreciate being able to spend less time on cleaning and more time with the newborn child and his or her older sibling while everyone is getting adjusted to the growing family. Make sure to research the qualifications of any professional you hire to clean or work in a home. Due to the cost of hiring a professional house cleaner, this would be another good idea to give from a group of people.

Gift cards. Gift cards may seem impersonal, but during the baby's first year, things will come up and the parents will be grateful to have gift cards to use for those unanticipated needs. Some of the best gift cards are from stores like Target where lots of different items are available, for the baby during different stages and also for the older sibling.

For most of these ideas, input from the parents will be required. As much as you might like to surprise them, they will probably appreciate knowing at least a little bit so they can plan what they will need to buy on their own and what they won't. If the second baby is the same gender as the first, the parents will probably need very few clothes, but if the baby will be the opposite gender, ask the parents if there are any clothes or other gender-specific items they need.

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