When you eat cheese do you ever think about milk? Most people do not but here in Idaho with all of the Dairies we tend to think about Milk. California and Wisconsin are huge cheese producing states along with national campaigns encouraging use of there cheese. Wisconsin and California may be the largest producers of cheese in the United States but cheese is produced in all 50 states. Even in Alaska and Hawaii.

If you are a cheese connoisseur and like to try new cheeses then there are many places online you can order cheeses. From good old standard cheddar to specialty cheeses made from goat milk. You can even order fresh cheese curds from Wisconsin and they will be delivered to you regardless of where you live.

Wisconsin Cheese Mart

WisconsinCStilton CheeseheeseMart.com sells a huge variety of Wisconsin cheeses that you can buy online and have delivered to you. The prices are very competitive also. The Wisconsin Cheese Mart has a wide variety of Wisconsin made cheeses including

  • Bellavitano Merlot
  • Cheddar Peppercorn
  • Extra Sharp Cheese that has been aged for 13 years
  • Brick German

Wisconsin Cheese Mart also sells the cheese samplers where you can try the various cheeses that are made in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Cheese Man

WisconsinCheeseMan.com sells a lot of Wisconsin Cheeses. The Wisconsin Cheese Man cheese man also sells various sausages, crackers, and sweets. The Wisconsin Cheese Man sells stuff similar to Hickory Farms. They have the sausage and cheese boxes. The Wisconsin Cheese Man does not have near the variety of cheeses that the Wisconsin Cheese Mart does but if you are looking for a quick and easy gift then the Wisconsin Cheese Man may be a great choice. If you like Hickory Farms at Christmas time then you will love the Wisconsin Cheese Man.


Igourmet.com sells cheese from around the world. From Wisconsin, Iowa, to Italy and France Igourmet.com has specialty cheeses from around the word for you to order and eat. If you are a true cheese connoisseur then you will love the selection and variety of cheeses that Igourmet.com offers for sale.

Some of the gourmet cheeses that Igourmet.com sells are:

  • Maytag Blue
  • Switzerland Raclette
  • Denhay Farm Cheddar
  • Provolone Piccante
  • Blue Stilton

You can also order other food items such as cheesecake and chocolate truffles.

Loleta Cheese Factory

You can order California produced cheeses for the Loleta Cheese Factory online at LoletaCheese.com. The Loleta Cheese Factory offers many cheeses such as Cheddar, Jack, Havarti, Fontina, and even organic cheeses. If you are feeling adventurous and want to try and new type of cheese you can try one of Loleta Cheese Factories specialty cheeses such as Humboldt Garden Cheddar.

There are numerous online websites that specialize in selling various cheeses. If you have a particular cheese that you love to eat but can not find it too buy locally then the internet may be your best friend. Many of these companies that sell cheese online will also mail out a free catalog to your home. This way you can lay on your couch as you shop for great tasting cheeses from around the world. Image Credit: Christmas Stock Images