Halloween Witch Decorations

Buying Halloween Witch Decorations

If you want to spook-ify your yard this Halloween, and are looking to buy halloween witch decorations, check out this guide to some of the more popular witch decorations going around this year. Whether you are looking for indoor halloween decorations or yard decorations, there is something for everyone on the web.

Halloween Witch Garden Decorations - Ideas to Spookify Your Lawn

Witch garden decorations are pretty popular ways to turn your home garden into a spookified graveyard. Witch garden decorations usually include some sort of base or stand with a witch figurine affixed on top. You can try draping some creepy black cloth between a couple halloween witch statues to produce an even more dramatic effect. Creepy black cloth also works well when strung between two trees. If you want to get really creative, you should try doubling back several swathes of creepy black cloth between two trees to create a strong support. Next, take a broomstick-riding witch figurine or halloween witch doll and safety pit it to the creepy black cloth to give the appearance of a witch riding the shadows!

Witch decorations are also well paired with jack-o-lanterns and have also been known to stand guard beside bowls of candy.

Halloween Witch Decorations for the Door

You can find halloween witch door decorations like electronic witch door knockers that will screech or play a spooky halloween message whenever trick-or-treaters come knocking. Another popular halloween witch decoration is the motion-activated hanging witch doll which stays stationary and silent until an unsuspecting victim approaches. Once activated by someone's presence, the motion-activated witch doll will spring to life, flying around on her broom and making noise, and scaring the bejeezus out of anyone nearby!

Additional Halloween Witch Decoration Ideas

Halloween witch decorations can also be strung up with clothesline to give the appearance of flying between two points. If you paint or dye the clothesline black, and string it between two trees or lamp posts or pieces of furniture, you can achieve the appearance of flight once the sun goes down. Witch decorations can be weighted and strung up with carabiners so you or a family member can zipline them from one side to another to spook trick-or-treaters as they approach.

Halloween witch decorations also make excellent landmarks if your home is hard to find from the street. Just line the path to your door with candles or jack-o-lanterns and have your witch figurines stand guard beside each light. Now you have a themed pathway leading to the candy!

If you have young children or are hosting kids before the trick-or-treating starts and you are looking to fill some time with activities, you can play hide the halloween witch decorations and reward her first discoverer with candy or treats before re-hiding your witch in a different spot.

Best Places to Buy Halloween Witch Decorations

If you are in the market to buy halloween witch decorations, you can try heading over to amazon.com, which has a fairly extensive online halloween catalog. There are also special retail stores that pop up every halloween to do temporary business for about a month and a half. Keep your eyes peeled for these stores in the states. Many have good inventory for decorations, but some focus mainly on costumes. If you already have an account, remember to try eBay.com as well. Many motivated sellers will offer free shipping on their speciality halloween products and some even include candy in their packaging!