Buy Insulated Water Jugs for Cheap

Why Buy Insulated Water Jugs?

Many people know and understand that drinking water is important for the human body - after all, it is 80% water itself. However, few people seem to understand exactly how much water should be drunk throughout the day in order to remain properly hydrated and to advoid dehydration symptoms ranging from headache to foggy thinking to depressed mood. Because it takes 8 to 10 glasses of water a day to maintain a healthy level of hydration, many people opt to bring their own insulated water jugs with them wherever they go so as to ensure a fresh clean supply of drinking water without having to search out a public drinking fountain or drop several dollars on a bottle of water. Insulated water jugs have become more popular in recent years as people have enjoyed the fact that they can bring their own cold fresh water from home and keep it cold throughout the day in their insulated water jugs.

Different Insulated Water Jugs for Everyone Need

Insulated water jugs are usually made of plastic, but feature an internal layer of special insulation designed to keep water and other liquids inside the insulated water jug cold for an extended period of time. You can also find insulated water jugs in a variety of shapes and sizes in order to best suit your needs. If you work a long day in an office, for example, you can probably get away with buying medium insulated water jugs because you'll be able to leave them on or in your desk and you won't need as much water to remain hydrated as an athlete might.

If you happen to be training for a triathalon, however, you will likely want to get a couple of different small insulated water bottles. This is because, whether you are running or biking over long distances, you will want to have your hands free for most of your stretch and will quickly become tired of holding something in one hand. Meanwhile, you also want to maintain a good balance whether you are biking or running in order to optimize your performance and reduce unilateral strain and stress to any one side of your body. For these reasons, many tri-athletes opt to wear a fanny pack with two or three different slots for their insulated water bottle. This way, you can spread out the weight from your insulated water bottles evenly and avoid having too much weight on any one side.

On the other hand, if you work outside doing heavy labor like contstruction, you're losing a lot more water through sweat than the other average joe pencil pushers with their cushy office job, criminally long trips to the coffee pot, and vicious gossip mills. Working outside requires larger and more heavy duty insulated water jugs that can take the heat and keep your water cold and refreshing. Although scientists and health specialists have noted that it actually takes our bodies longer to absorb cold water, one thing that drinking cold water is good at doing is keeping your body temperature under control when you're working in the hot sun for several hours on end.