Buying ivory wedding shoes for your wedding may seem like an easy task, but it can actually be quite difficult. Too many times, brides wait until the last minute to start looking and find that their selection is limited and that they can't find much. So, here are some tips to buying the right ivory bridal shoes for your wedding.

Tip 1: Start early - As I mentioned before, too many brides wait until the last minute to buy their bridal shoes. Usually, wedding dress shops will tell brides to have their shoes ready for the first fitting. Therefore, you can get your dress altered to the right length. Many brides will cheat and just bring a pair of heels that they know will be comparable to the shoes that they buy. If you are a bride considering this, don't do it. What will happen is that you will be even more restricted in the shoes that you buy. Instead of shopping for just ivory bridal shoes, you will end up shopping for 3 inch ivory shoes or 2 inch ivory heels. This narrows down the list of items you can buy even more. You want to start with the broadest choice possible. Ivory shoes are hard to find as it is so narrowing down this choice will make it even harder.

Tip 2: Look everywhere - Shop and look everywhere. Look online at places like, and Don't just look in bridal shops. Instead, go to department stores and browse there. You never know where you will find the shoe you want so you want to make sure you look in as many stores as possible.

Tip 3: Ask for cream or nude or off-white: Many times, the word ivory is confusing for people and the salespeople will only bring you the one shoe labeled ivory. Instead, ask for that color in different shades and you will find a larger selection. Oftentimes, a cream color is an excellent ivory color. Or, you will find that the nude color is the perfect shade of ivory that you are looking for. Regardless, tell the salespeople the many different colors of ivory shoes that you are looking for.

Tip 4: Tell everyone - Tell everyone that you are shopping for ivory wedding shoes so that you will be sure to have more eyes looking out for the perfect pair. The more people you tell, the more shoppers you have and the more likely you will be to find the shoe. The other advice is to tell people what you want. If you want ivory ballet flats, make sure you tell them that. If you are only looking for heels, tell them that as well. Whomever you tell, make sure you tell them specifically what you are looking for and don't just tell them something broad. This will increase your chance of finding your perfect bridal shoes.