Thanks to CrossFit, Pavel Tsasuline, and the RKC certification, kettlebell training has become very popular in recent years.  And for good reason!  Workouts with proper kettlebell technique have proven to deliver total body strength and fat loss.

Unfortunately, most gyms have either poor quality kettlebells, not enough, or none at all!  The good news is that the workouts can be done at home, and with a little investment, with your very own bells!

First, decide on what sizes you need.  Kettlebells are typically measured in kilograms so that is the metric used here.  It is best to start with a set of 2 or 3 bells to allow for progress and practice in the fundamental kettlebell exercises.  Until you reach an advanced level of skill and strength, these will be the only ones you'll need.  And they should last a lifetime.  

  KB Size
Women 8kg, 12kg, 20kg
Men 16kg, 20kg, 24kg

Now, where to find kettlebells?  Many sporting goods stores and large department stores have begun stocking their shelves with kettlebells.  These are generally not recommended due to poor craftsmanship, ergonomics, and probable lack of customer service and warranty.  Instead, go with the trusted names that top trainers trust.

The most popular manufacturer is Dragon Door.  All Dragon Door kettlebells have rust-resistant coats and the handles are appropriate for men and women.  

Rogue - Rogue bells are of high quality and come in two main coating options.  Rogue has even expanded their line to include a set of Monster Kettlebells that go up to 203lbs!

Perform Better - Solid choice.  Also available in "competition" style where size and shape stay the same no matter how heavy.

Ader - Also sold through Rogue.

Kettlebells USA - Great selection of cast iron and competition style kettlebells.

No matter which brand or style you go for, always work with a qualified instructor on the basics.  Kettlebells can build the body of your dreams, but can be dangerous if you're not solid on the fundamentals.

Enter The Kettlebell

A must-have book for everyone who wants to learn how to workout with kettlebells!