Kids' Swimming Goggles: Comfort Over Cost

Swimming is a very good physical and social activity for kids to get involved in. If they start really early, any fear of water that might subsequently set in is usually pre-empted, as long as entering the water is always accompanied by fun and laughter. Naturally, safety comes inextricably linked with fun where water's concerned, and one of the key pieces of safety equipment is kids' swimming goggles, possibly ranking just after proper swimwear. Comfort should naturally be top on the list for the kids, as price kids swimming gogglesmay be for you. Often you will be able to find the right combination of both, while compromising on neither. However, comfort might rate a little higher on the priority list, because if the goggles are not snug and comfortable, your kids might not be happy to wear them when they go for swimming, and prolonged discomfort usually leads to them giving up the sport altogether. Paying more money for a more comfortable pair of swimming goggles might at least prevent this from happening.

Kids' Swimming Goggles: Style And Its Symptoms

While comfort is definitely a priority for both you and your kids, style is primarily for them. Older kids are especially prone to "style-itis", or an affliction that enhances their sense of style while draining your pocket. Brand consciousness is one of the symptoms of this disease, and may flare up at the sight of a pair of speedos – you've got to be very careful. The worst part is that "style-itis" is highly contagious, and seems to affect kids between the ages of 10 and 16, although congenital conditions may be present that surface as early as 7 or 8 and last until the age of 65 or beyond! The problem is that the cure actually feeds the disease, cementing it, and making it a progressively more powerful foe; if you thought that satisfying their urge one time will keep the symptoms down, then you've got another think coming for sure. Luckily, in the case of kids' swimming goggles, a really expensive "gotta have this one 'cos my friends all have it" pair won't set you back more than $25 or so. Well, that's unless they're running with royalty and insist on jewel-encrusted swim goggles to match their diamond-studded beach bracelets!

With All Due Respect!

While we're on the subject of begging forgiveness from the makers of Speedo, it's probably legally prudent to mention that their range of kids' swimming goggles isn't all that expensive to begin with. With a range of products starting at around $7, you'll find some very stylish brands that kill two birds with one stone – your child's affliction for branded goods and your wallet's reluctance to let go of its contents. The one thing you probably need to watch out for are the generic recreational goggles that can be worn for a while without experiencing any discomfort, but aren't any good if your child is in the competitive mode.

Things To Look For In Kids' Swimming Goggles

First of all, the fit needs to be right – the goggles should span across the face so that the eyeballs are flush with the lenses. Second, the straps need to be elastic enough to maintain the hold without causing discomfort from prolonged use. Third, they need to be watertight without having to create a vacuum that will suck the eyeballs from their sockets. Fourth, they should be able to stay fog-free for a long time without having to continuously remove them and wet the inner surface. It won't be hard to find a pair of goggles that satisfy all of these criteria while at the same time being stylish enough and affordable enough for the whole family to be happy. The only problem is, when summer comes around for the second time, they're going to want new pairs of kids' swimming goggles because the pair they had last year are so, well, last year.