Land for Sale in Missouri on James River

You may not be able to find landfor sale in Missouri with an ocean view, but, you can buy land on the river. Missouri is home to an abundance of clean rivers and waterways. Those who buy land on the river can enjoy the beauty of their surroundings and a summer side business if they choose. Buying land on the river in Missouri is a worthwhile investment in your future.

Blue Springs River Land for sale in MissouriCanoeing is a favorite pastime of residents in Missouri. During the summer months thousands of Missourians can be found making their way to one of the local rivers for a float trip. People who buy land on the riverfront can choose to set up docking, and picnic facilities for a fee. Whether, you choose to buy land on the river, to build a dream home or for its commercial opportunities riverfront land is a bargain.

As much as 2300 acres of riverfront land can be bought in Missouri. Many landowners will divide larger acreages into smaller more manageable tracts of 1-5 acres. The most popular rivers to buy land on in Missouri are: The Jacks Fork River, The Current River, and The North Fork of the White River. Real estate for sale on these rivers include homes, cabins, a grist mill, and raw land.

Hodgson Mill For Sale in MissouriPeople who are looking to buy riverfront property in Missouri should look at the Missouri Real Estate Multi-List. Baker Realty is a realtor listed in the Multi-List and they specialize in the sale of river land in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. Over 150 riverfront properties are for sale in Missouri for less than $100,000. Land for sale on the river is priced from $4,000-$10,000 an acre. Land prices in Missouri are as diverse as its people.

Missouri is a great place to buy land for now, or use for future generations. Much of the land sold in Missouri is without restriction or covenant. Owner-Builders, who buy land in Missouri,can build a dream cabin overlooking the river. People buying land in Missouri are not restricted by square feet requirements or Home Owners Associations. In most cases good access roads lead right to the land for sale.

River Land For Sale in MissouriMissouri is still, very much, an untamed wilderness. Missourians enjoy a good mix of natural resources and metropolitan amenities. Trout fisherman can attest to the cleanliness of our spring fed waters, and may tell a tale about the catch-of-the-day. Hunters enjoy a variety of game including wild turkey and deer. Those who enjoy extreme sports come to Missouri every year for caving, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and ATV trail riding. Land for sale in Missouri can be bought for any of these activities and more.

Riverfront property is a great investment. Whether you vacation in Missouri during the mild summer, or experience the changes of season year round, there is a piece of property for you. Many realtors will take prospective buyers on a tour of the area. You may stop, along the way, at scenic rest-stops, near the river, that prove what life in Missouri has to offer. One thing is for certain, a tour of the riverfront properties in Missouri, will leave you in awe. Buying riverfront land in Missouri is an investment you can enjoy while it appreciates.