Buying Manscara and Cosmetics for Men

You will be surprised to see the amount of men's cosmetics available at the moment. If you are not playing in a pantomime or opera why would any man want to wear manscara or cosmetics for men? Others have said that manscara or cosmetics for men are a sign of homosexuality. This is not really a question nor is there any direct answer to the issue. Today's men have moved on to be more in tune with their needs. Men actually think more about their physical appearance than they did years ago. That is why there are many cosmetics for men and the so called manscara

What is Manscara?

Someone got very clever and coined the term manscara to indicate mascara for men. That been said, there is nothing like manscara for men. The basic idea of cosmetics for men is about rebranding. Cosmetics companies have rebranded and redesign the products to make them appear less feminine and at the same time not too masculine. That is probably where the idea of the metrosexual come from.

Brand names offering manscara and cosmetics for men

L'Oreal is the number one in the world when it comes to cosmetics. L'Oreal has been in business for decades and they have been successful at making money out of people's quest for vanity. L'Oreal also offers manscara cosmetics for men that are marketed as "L'Oreal men". That implies makeup tips for men, Concealers for men, eyelashes for men and many more.

Manscara and Cosmetics for men and what women think

Manscara and cosmetics for men have not gone unnoticed by women. Most women will not like their men to mess with their makeup kit. Emancipation of women doesn't cover manscara and cosmetics for men. Not many women will be thrilled if their husbands all of a sudden decide to use manscara or cosmetics for men.

Most will probably associate this with perversion or that their man is homosexual. No matter how fashionable it is for men to take care of themselves, most women are still not ready for manscara and cosmetics for men. It is of course a growing business; manscara and cosmetics for men are still in their infancy.

Manscara and Cosmetics for men a long history

Because of the long history of makeup and cosmetics, most people have grown up to seeing actors and performers wearing manscara and cosmetics for men. It is generally perceived to be necessary within the acting world. However, anything outside that boundary, manscara and cosmetics for men can become controversial.

Newsreaders and actors wear make up to make them look better on screen. Manscara and cosmetics for men are something used to hide imperfections so that actors and news readers can look their best. This goes to highlight the fact that manscara and cosmetics for men have their place in society.

Manscara and Cosmetics for men: Effeminate look

A woman that is called a tom boy might not feel insulted. However, calling a man a tom girl is not common and can be a double edge sword. The British singer Robbie Williams once sang that "all the pretty women are married and all the handsome men are gay".

The perception that a pretty man is homosexual is still in the common conscience. Adding manscara and cosmetics for men to the issue will make some equate that to wanting an effeminate look. Are manscara and cosmetics for men blurring the divide between what constitutes what a man can wear and what he cannot? Maybe that is the case but only time will tell.