Are you doing a little interior design? Microfiber throw pillows and microsuede throw pillows are very similar; in fact most would consider them interchangeable. The microfiber fabric is actually made from polyester and chemically treated to produce the colors that patterns display. With microsuede the same process holds true.

Most decorative throw pillows made from microfibers are made completely from polyester however some pieces are actually polyester blends. This leads to different feels, tolerances to dirt and staining, and resistance to water.

If you want to buy microfiber pillows you should know that many microfibers are smoother to the touch than the microsuede varieties - the difference being the actual texture. Suede has a very unique feel to it when you touch it and some manufacturers try to mimic this feel in the design and construction of their fabrics which are then used in pillows, couches, clothing, blankets, etc.

Green Stain Resistant Microfiber Throw PillowBuying microsuede however doesn’t (unfortunately) always guarantee that you will get feel you are looking for. Many people use the two terms interchangeably so you have to kind of read between the details or feel the item for yourself.  Other than that however the two are substantially the same and should be treated as such.

Cleaning microsuede throw pillows for instance will be basically the same is it is for microfiber pillows. The way microfiber and cat hair interact will be essentially unchanged from microsuede. The same goes for stain resistance and functionality.

If you want to buy microsuede throw pillows for your living room, bedroom, or decorative sectional or couch set then really all you have to do is fine a style and color patters that fits with what you are looking for. Obviously the manufacturer or label that carries the pillows are important as this will impact quality and price but style is always up to the consumer.

Where To Buy Microsuede Throw Pillows

Decorative Beige Microsuede Throw PillowNow that the differences and similarities between these two types of decorative pillows have been addressed it’s worth speaking of where to buy them. The most obvious please is your local home goods store like JC Penny, Sears, or Kohl’s but one f the best places to get them is online because you can usually get more bang for your buck.

As previously stated sometimes it’s worth feeling the fabric to make sure you are getting what you want but if the feel isn’t as important as price or design then by all means go online. Varieties for your choosing are much more plentiful and prices are typically lower.

If you’ve ever purchased throw pillows before you know how the price can add up. $10 per pillow isn’t bad but when you want six pillows you price can get closer to $100 than you might imagine. Online retailers can usually offer more variety and keep costs lower making these purchases a bit easier to handle financially.

Make sure to buy a good microsuede cleaner and pet hair removal product to keep your pillows looking great at all times. These products don’t cost much and will be handy to have around the house for other needs like spilled drinks and keeping other areas of the house free of pet hair.