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Buying Modesty Panels and Covering Cleavage

- Women complain about men talking to their chest.

- Men say that if you don't want men to stare at your cleavage you should cover up.

- Women say that it is difficult to find a nice looking dress that is not low cut.

- Men say you can buy low cut dress but just don't complain about them staring.

Men are obsessed with breasts and women play along to the tune. Then, someone came up with the idea of modesty panels. If you work in an office, modesty panels are used to cover the office desk and thereby protect women's modesty. The idea has now been adopted to cover cleavage.

Modesty Panels, what are they

Modesty panels are pieces of lace clipped onto bras to cover your cleavage when wearing low cut dress. Modesty panels are like Camisoles but only used to cover the chest.

Who should buy modesty panels?

Contrary to popular beliefs most women actually enjoy the little attention they get when they wear low cut dress. Men are allowed to stare discreetly. Men are not allowed to comment about the cleavage or overtly stare. Some women who have smaller bosoms will do everything to get noticed and will not buy into the idea of putting on modesty panels. On the other hand, there are women with bigger breasts and they might feel conscious of people staring. These are probably the women who might want to buy modesty panels. It is often said that there is a difference between staring and "STARING".

Where to buy modesty panels?

You can buy modesty panels at for about $10 to $15. These modesty panels come in mostly black or white and they can be clipped onto bras to protect your modesty.

Amazon also sells modesty panels that come in a set with 3 colors (red, black and lilac). These modesty panels are sold for $11.

Another location where you can buy modesty panels is ABCdistributing. These set of modesty panels are sold for $5.

Modesty panels and making your own

If you have a sewing machine at home and you are a little creative, you can actually make your own modesty panels. You will need to choose the fabric that will go with most of your low cut dress. If you take a cue from commercial modesty panels, you will see that the majority of colors used are either black or white. That should give you an idea of how to go about making your own modesty panels. The great thing about making your own modesty panel is that you can buy the fabric that is closest to the color of your low cut dress and customize your modesty panel accordingly.

If you are successful at making a decent and wearable modesty panel, you might be able to make some for your friends as well (for a modic price) There are so many women who will like to have a few modesty panels at hand just in case the occasion is not conducive to showing cleavage.

Modesty panels and men

You will not see many men promoting modesty panels. The only time they will want women to wear modesty panel is if that woman is their teenage daughter and other men are ogling her. That being said, not all men actually appreciate women who draw attention to themselves buy wearing a very low cut dress.

Modesty panels and celebrity world

The fact that a lot of women are now embolden to show more skin is partly due to the celebrity obsessed world we live in. You can probably understand why celebrities will not want to wear modesty panels. Wearing a ridiculously low cut dress is part of what makes them famous and relevant. Baring your cleavage is makes good business sense for celebrities. On the other hand, how will mere mortals justify "in your face cleavage" without wearing something like a modesty panel?