Buying moissanite engagement rings is a tricky thing to do. Being cheaper than traditional engagement rings, they're really appealing to those with a small budget and you can make your money go farther, which means a bigger rock for your girl. But on the other hand it's difficult to tell if she'll be accepting of a non-traditional engagement ring and think that you're just being a cheapskate. So, if you've been looking to get your sweetheart a ring and have been thinking about buying a moissanite engagement ring the following tips will help you with your decision.

First off, it helps to know a little bit about moissanite. Moissanite is a laboratory grown mineral that is very similar to a diamond. It has a hardness and luster that is practically identical to diamond's and most jeweler's have a difficult time distinguishing a moissanite engagement ring from the real thing. Because it's manufactured rather than mined, moissanite is a lot cheaper (although not entirely cheap) than a traditional engagement ring and it can be cut into any shape just like a diamond. The only downside is that sometimes you get a real faint yellow or green-ish hue, but this will be difficult notice unless looking at it under just the right light and angle.

Now there's the whole social stigma associated with non-diamond rings. When people joke about giving out a crappy ring, they always say it's cubic zirconia and that no girl would want that. Well, first of all, some girls aren't concerned about the price but are more concerned about the symbol and the intent and secondly this isn't anything like cubic zirconia. These are near identical diamond replicates and the primary reason that their cheaper is because they aren't mined and then funneled through the major retailer's supply chain where they artificially starve the diamond market to inflate the price. So what you get is more value and can give your girl the luster and shine of a bigger ring that will grab everyone's attention. Besides, as the moissanite engagement rings are around longer they grow in popularity with more and more people choosing value over being superficial.

Of course it's all going to depend on where you get your ring and what kind of deal you get but a good rule of thumb is that a 1 carat moissanite engagement ring will be around $750 whereas a 1 carat diamond ring would be upwards of $2500. Checking out a few of the online retailer's advertised offers is an easy way to get a feel for the size and price of the ring you'll want to get. After checking out a few sites you'll know what to look for and what questions to ask if you choose to get it locally. Chances are your best deal will be online, but it is nice to see it in person.

You know your soon-to-be fiancé best the ultimate decision is going to rest with you. To some girls it's an important symbol and it shows how important they are to you when you buy them a big expensive ring. With other girls they're happy with the symbol and would rather spend the money in other places. And while she probably won't be able to tell the difference, you'll know and that is something you'll have to live with.