The best fuel for your radio-controlled toy cars

Types of fuels for toy cars

Radio Controlled Toy CarsRadio-controlled cars have long since been a hobby for boys and men. It is even a popular sport where professionals take part in it to win prizes. They range from toys which cost a few dollars to expensive nitro-powered cars that can cost thousands of dollars.

The cheapest method of running a radio control car is to buy an electric one. But for those who want more speed and power going for a nitro powered car is going to give the best results. These are however expensive to run and require a lot of dedication and money.

Buying nitro fuel for radio-controlled (RC) toy cars is important to get right and there are many factors that one should consider.

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Firstly let’s look at the two main types of fuels there are for these types of cars:

Castor oil-based fuels are designed to give optimum cooling for the engine. This allows for a large engine to run for long periods without overheating.Radio Controlled Cars Nitro

Synthetic based fuels are catered for protecting the engines parts. This can suit small engines as they run at higher RPMs.

You will find that most fuels will have a mixture of both in them to protect the engines from harm. This is one of the main obstacles that owners face, and that is how to run their engines best. Nitro fuel can only be stored for a certain period of time before it cannot be used, there for it needs to be put in an outside cool environment protected from sunlight. The fuel contains methane and should be mixed with alcohol and a mixture of caster and synthetic oils.

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It is important to get the mixtures right or your car will end up needing a new engine. Each manufacturer will have guidelines for you to follow and it is important especially if you are a beginner to get this right first time. If you have a new cart then the engine will need to be run in so there is a certain rich mixture needed.

Buying nitro fuel for rRadio Controlled Cars For Kidsadio-controlled (RC) toy cars can be done online as this is where you will be able to find the best deals. They will stock all the ingredients you need to make your fuel and also be able to supply the right tools to do it with. It can be an expensive hobby depending on the amount of racing you want to do.

Make sure that the company is reputable and will sell you a quality product. An easy way of doing this is to join your local RC club. There are many on the Internet and they will be able to help you get the best possible prices. You will also be able to speak to experts on nitro fuel and get their best practices on mixing it correctly. Always make sure when buying nitro fuel for radio-controlled (RC) toy cars that you do your own research first.