The most durable, weather-resistant outdoor rugs are polypropylene rugs

If you are going to buy outdoor rugs, you need to consider more than just how your new rug will fit in with your current patio furniture. You need to think about the material that this outdoor rug is made of, because not all outdoor rugs are created alike.  One of the best materials for the outdoors is polypropylene. It's an inexpensive, environmentally friendly material that is incredibly weather resistant. Though you might not recognize it when you see it, these outdoor rugs are essentially made of plastic, making them tough enough to endure harsh weather and incredibly easy to clean. You can simply hose the rug off and leave it to dry in the open air!

Outdoor rugs made of polypropylene are also incredibly versatile. A 120cm x 180cm rug is great when placed next to the pool to provide extra traction and help reduce the likelihood of slips and falls. But the same rug is also lightweight enough to be easily rolled up and taken with you to the park, the beach, or anywhere else you want a little bit of extra comfort!

Larger polypropylene outdoor rugs that are big enough for the whole family make great picnic rugs too. Unlike the picnic blankets many other people use, these rugs are naturally stain resistant and so they don't get those nasty green grass stains that are nearly impossible to remove. Even better, these rugs are comfortable enough to lie down and relax on, which makes them ideal for taking to the beach with you. They don't collect sand the same way a towel will, so you won't bring the beach back home with you at the end of the day.

Polypropylene rugs are also favoured by campers for many of the reasons already mentioned. In fact, some of these rugs come with loops at each corner so that they can be staked to the ground during camping trips. This is an especially handy feature on a windy day!

But of course, the most popular spot to put a polypropylene rug is on the patio. An outdoor rug can instantly bring the comfort of the indoors to the outdoors, and because it's so easy to clean polypropylene is a great material to have underfoot in an outdoor dining area.  It seems like every outdoor barbeque has at least one hamburger whose toppings end up on the floor. But with a polypropylene rug you're free to let go and enjoy yourself, without stressing about these inevitable spills.

Just like indoor rugs, outdoor rugs can be used to tie together other design elements and create a unified feel. These rugs are available in many different colours and patterns, so when you go to buy outdoor rugs online or in a nearby store you shouldn't have a problem finding one that will work with your outdoor decor. In fact, you might even get inspired!

Outdoor rug made of polypropylene