Outside Fire Pits

Outside fire pits make a perfect outdoor decor addition that allows you to personalize your great outdoor spot or just spruce up your back yard, deck, or patio area.  Fire pits give you a great place to hang out, relax, and entertain friends and family.  You can buy all types of fire pits, big and small, and give you a fun project to beautify your yard, garden, or landscape, so you can easily enjoy a fire any night right there in your own yard. 

Outdoor fire pits come in different types, sizes and depending on your budget you can go big or buy an outside fire pit for relatively cheap or wait for a sale. You shouldn't have any problem finding the right type of outdoor fireplace or fire pit that adds your own style to the back yard, deck, porch, or other area you choose.  A tabletop fire pit is a beautiful addition to your deck, pool side, or outdoor patio area although they are a bit more expensive than the smaller pits.

Shop around until you find the one that feels right and fits your needs.

Stone Propane Gas Fire Pit

Peaktop Outdoor Stone Gas Propane Fire Pit with Cover, 28" x 9"
Amazon Price: $439.00 $244.81 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 25, 2016)

A smaller version of the outdoor fire pit is a fire pot. Fire pots are small bowl-shaped  fire pits are better for you.  These are typically called fire bowls, they come in different colors, run on  Some of the smaller fire pits are usually called fire bowls. The fire bowls are small pots with a round bottom that serves as the base with an open flame coming out of the top. Fire bowls look best used when you place several around the deck or patio.

Outdoor Heating

Fire Pits, Fireplaces, and Accessories

Outdoor fire pits range in price from economical to luxury patio height bar sets with furniture.  The cost depends on what type of outside plan you have to update the look and feel of your yard, if you're taking on a whole new landscaping project, building a new deck or patio area, or just want a cool place to chill with your buddies on the weekends. Outside fire pits can create a nice, relaxing feeling and provides a source of heat on a chilly summer night and you can also add a portable patio tabletop heater or a full size tabletop heater.

You can buy any of the fire pits then go on to spruce the area up and buy fire pit accessories including lava rocks, colored glass, a variety of covers, tops used for BBQ grilling, flame resistant mats for underneath the fireplace to prevent heat damage to a porch, decking, or a patio, outdoor furniture, and anything else that makes this backyard garden area feel like home.  Amazon is a great place to buy cheap, price-friendly fire pits or spend several thousand dollars on the élite, exquisite outdoor furniture surrounding a beautiful fireplace, and whether you end up purchasing from Amazon, you can always use their site to find the best-selling, top rated, and the shipping is often free. 

Accessories for Fire Pits

Dragon Glass 1" Lava Pebble, 20 lb, Black
Amazon Price: $21.99 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 25, 2016)

Using outside fire pits makes for a fun, great outdoor area for friends and the family. Hanging out on a nice evening around the fire pit and throwing some chicken on the BBQ is a great way to spend time.  Fire has been used throughout history in different traditions and ceremonies. At its most natural state, fire is cleansing, burning down old to make way for the new. Enjoy your new outside fire pit alone or with others; either way, have fun staring into the flames.  

Bar High Outside Fire Pit