If you are thinking about buying penny stocks online, it's quite easy to do so. Traditionally, you could only buy penny stocks through a broker. But the internet has opened a whole new world of investing that's trendily to the average Joe. Know, you can simply visit an online stock exchange and sign up for an account. There are many of these easily found on the internet. You will also need a bank account with verified funds attached to the stock exchange account.

Once you have this, you can start buying penny stocks online. Now, traditionally penny stocks are stocks that are less than $5. Most people think about penny stocks that are literally pennies – and there are a lot of these cheap penny stocks available.

The key with how to buy penny stocks to make money is that you must find a penny stock that will rise. Because penny stocks are so cheap, they make a great playing field for first time investors. Since penny stocks are very low cost, you can buy a lot of stock for a relatively small amount. If you know how to pick penny stock, you can in fact make good money on the return.

Any increase in a couple pennies will make you money. If the stock decreases by a few points, you will only lose a little money. What keeps people coming back to the penny stock market in droves is finding that diamond in a rough penny stock – penny stock that you buy for a few cents that rises dramatically.

Many millionaires have been made through penny stock investing. However, even more millionaires have been lost through bad decisions. The key thing to remember when buying penny stocks online is to make sure that you only use your DISPOSIBLE income to invest. You don't want to take out personal loans, payday loans, or credit card loans to buy penny stocks on a hunch. Sure you might become a winner, picking up great penny stock that triples or quadruples (or more) in value. But it's more likely that you will lose the money.

Penny stock buying and selling is really and art just as much as it is a science. You need to learn HOW to pick penny stocks before you will really see consistent success with day trading penny stocks. There are many penny stock buying tips, tutorials, guide, and paid training programs out there that you can access. If you are serious about penny stock investing, you need to get some professional training of some sort so you know how to choose the best penny stocks and make consistent profits when buying penny stocks online.