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Boots may be classified into three categories depending on their functionality; recreational boots, Military boots and Law Enforcement boots. Being law enforcers, clearance police boots certainly fall under the last categories.


For each of the three categories, boots are made with distinct properties to meet the needs of the customer as well as to enable them perform their functions wells. In the paragraphs below, we focus on evaluating the clearance police boots.

Distinguishing Qualities of Police Boots

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Police officers have to be uniform so clearance police boots have to be black in colour. The height of their boots varies depending on if they are patrol or street officers. Basically, clearance police boots could either be 8 inches or 6 inches. There are some other key qualities that either a patrol or police office must look for in a quality boot. Police officers are more often than not pursuing suspects on foot. So they will be checking on the boots ability to quickly run. In this case, they would go for a boot that is durable and at the same time light in weight. The soles of police boots is another area that patrol or police officers will be looking at keenly. It needs to be resistant to slips.  It should have two lugs that are designed for going over fences as well as heel lugs that enable them to brake fast. Even though a safety toe is considered to be an individual choice preferred by some, providing options is good when shopping boots for police.

Why Police need comfortable Boots

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Police officers on patrol go round the streets day in day out providing service to people, that is why they need the best imaginable clearance police boots. Police officers may be chasing after a criminal suspect or patrolling the streets and so above all else, they need good comfortable police boots because their feet are constantly under stress as they go about their work. The number one this that police boots have to offer therefore is comfort. If they don’t offer comfort, then police officers’ job becomes tough and more difficult than necessary.

How to build comfortable Police Boots

The design phase is certainly the most important stage in building comfortable clearance police boots. That is the place to begin. Police officers know exactly what they need and law enforcing departments closely work with boot manufacturers to identify what the exact needs are. In the next phase, the best available materials are used for outer-soles, uppers and linings. Ideal outer-soles are those with the ability to take in impact and offer cushioning. For the linings, new fabric with moisture wick provides the finest option for clearance police boots. These are useful in keeping away moisture from subtle areas of police officers’ feet keeping them cool.

Clearance police boots are also fitted with a zip option on the side and laces as well.  This double fastening ability makes police boots easy to remove and put on. In addition, this type of fastening offers a more custom fit for police boots. The laces in police boots also provide an opportunity for fastening tightly when police officers are walking or running on areas that require a tighter grip on the area around ankles. The combination of zip and laces in police boots make it possible for loose fastening to facilitate free movement when running after something or just walking over a rough terrain than the usual sidewalks.

The cost of cheap Police Boots

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The cheaper the cost of clearance police boots, the higher the cost they pass on to your feet. The cost comes in the form of fatigued painful feet once you for cheap price only. Of course well done good quality police boots are not the cheapest in the market, however, they are worth the investment and your feet will be rewarded by being pain and fatigue free, something that you cannot buy with your money. One of the most vital things for any police officer is comfort. Actually, for most people, comfort is most important irrespective of their job.

Where to buy Police Boots

One of the best places to buy quality police boots is online. Not just because you can quickly do price comparisons but because you will most likely discover a lot of price reductions on clearance police boots online. Price reductions are the savings that retailers online would pass over to you because their power to buy in bulk. Remember, online stores do not have physical shops to sustain or staff they need to pay hence they will pass over savings from those as well. That is why it is not rare to get clearance police boots prices reduced from 25% to 60% of ordinary trade price.

Best Brands for Police Boots

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Bates is one of the best clearance police boots brands. For men, the GX (8) with Gore (Tex) goes for about $115. This comes with great features including lightweight allowing owners to wear them for long periods. Gore (Tex) technology makes certain clearance police boots withstand all weather types and are breathable. These police boots have a zipper on the side that adds to their functionality and char. Their nylon tab cover and gusset interior makes it easy to put them on and remove them. The boots have a midsole made of EVA that has the ability to offer comfort and absorb shock. These police boots are breathable and waterproof ensuring that the feet remain cool when the weather is warm.

There is a specific SWAT brand for women. These are made of nylon, 1000 denier, leather toe, an outsole resistant to slip and oil, steel shank, and an EVA midsole.  These current police boots have heel counters with microbial linings, a thermoplastic toe and a removable orthotic foot bed. 


Buying police boots is different from buying any other shoes hence the need to be careful. When picking clearance police boots, it is important to understand the qualities that make them durable.