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Buying Religious and Christian jewelries: with or without God

It is amazing how God can be good for business. During the Christmas end of the year festivities, a lot of people will be spending a lot of money on gifts. Few people will be thinking about God. There are lots of sites offering what is called religious jewelries of Christian jewelries. Is it really reprehensible to sell products in the name of God when the sellers are obviously doing it for financial gains? Maybe!

Will you buy a jewelry just because it is marketed as a religious jewelry or a Christian jewelry? If you like it and it is reasonably priced, maybe you will succumb to the desire of the flash and buy a Christian jewelry. There is obviously a market for this and the fact is that people are actually buying these gifts. Does it prove that you are more religious or a better Christian because you are wearing a so called Christian jewelry? If you were to go by what some priests have done in the name of the lord, you will agree that a big Christian jewelry (cross) doesn't mean a thing.

Fashionable religious and Christian jewelries

It has to be said that those behind the business of Christian jewelries did take the time to craft their work. There are a lot of Christian jewelries out there. There are those who have felt more fashionable and at the same time more religious because they wear a Christian jewelry. Some have said that when it comes to the lord, price doesn't matter. This way of think is good for makers of Christian jewelries. The Pope is no exception to wearing religious jewelries or Christian jewelries.

Types of religious or Christian jewelries

There are loads of Christian jewelry with the cross symbol (by the way, the cross is not a Christian symbol). There are Christian earrings jewelries, Christian necklace jewelries, Christian Virgin Mary jewelries, Christian broche jewelries, there are Christian jewelries with inscriptions from the bible. The list is just endless. If you can think of it, the Christian jewelry is out there some where.

What has God got to do with Christian jewelries?

God has nothing to do with Christian jewelries. It is just a marketing ploy to get people to feel good about what they are buying. Buying a Christian jewelry doesn't make the buyers more spiritual nor does it make the sellers more scrupulous. Christian jewelries are just normal jewelries with a taint of Christianity or religion added for more effect.

Should you buy Christian jewelries?

The choice is yours and you can do whatever you want with your money. If buying Christian jewelries make you feel more spiritual, good for you. That will be money well spent. It will be like paying for therapy. Maybe that is partly what shopping therapy is all about. On the other hand, if you decide not to buy Christian jewelries because you feel the makers are just making profits in the name of the lord, that if also your prerogative.

Christian jewelries and earrings allergies

The fact that you are buying Christian earrings does not mean that the will be divinely protected. You might still suffer from earring allergies when with a cross attached to your earrings. There are a number of reasons why people might suffer from earrings allergies. It could be due to over exposure to metal like nickel and pierced ears. It can be strange because people who have been using earrings for years said that they suddenly start suffering from earrings allergies. It is not that those people suddenly begin to suffer from earrings allergies. It has been a long process and the situation only got worse with time. It is like getting over exposed to a product which can lead to allergies. Read more about earrings allergies here