A Proven Method For Obtaining Scrap Gold At Wholesale Prices

Buying Scrap Gold Thru Fundraising

You're no doubt aware that the price of gold has really taken off in the past several years, and there seems to be no end to its rise in the foreseeable future. If you have, or acquire the tools and skills necessary to test and weigh scrap gold, and have a reliable buyer for the scrap gold you can find, it can literally be a goldmine! This article however, deals with one of the best methods for getting your hands on all that scrap gold gathering dust in peoples drawers and closets so you, and them, can profit.

If you are looking to buy scrap gold, and you don't have an established place of business, it can be a chore doing transactions individually. You can find individuals eager to sell their scrap gold, often by word of mouth, or placing advertisements in your local paper or on classified ad websites like Craigslist. But it's not the most efficient method for a bootstrapper to buy scrap gold.

There is an easier way to cash in on the skyrocketing price of gold these days. Many churches and not-for-profit organizations are constantly seeking ways to raise funds. All you need to do is contact them and explain that their members no doubt have the same amount of scrap gold as everyone else, and that you're paying top dollar for it. Also, they can raise funds by having their members solicit scrap gold from their neighbors and friends in the community. You can have a team of solicitors out there scrounging around for you at no cost.

Below I have listed a number of organizations who from time to time raise funds. If you'll follow-up with this method, you'll find out it can be very profitable.

 Boy Scouts
 Girl Scouts
 Women's Clubs
 Little Theatre Groups
 Little League Teams
 Nursing Associations
 Schools (Public and Private)

You could pay these organizations the same price you would pay anyone else for their scrap gold. I'd suggest, however, that you pay a little more because you'll be buying gold in much larger quantities, while doing much less work yourself.

Write or call all the churches or organizations you think will be interested in your plan. Explain to them that you can raise money for themselves without having to invest one single penny in merchandise, and that you will buy all the gold they can collect.

Print out enough cards that have a list of "Things I buy", to give to each organization's designated representative. That person will solicit the items from their members. You will buy all the gold from that representative, and write a check for the amount made out to their group.

Be sure your list includes the following items:

 Watches - Wrist and Pocket
 Eyeglass Frames
 Lodge Pins
 Medals and Awards
 Gold Bridges, Crowns, and Gold Fillings (gold onlays & inlays)
 other items to lookout for: Tie pins, earrings, cuff links, beads, shirt pins, belt buckles, fountain pen points, watch bracelets, charms,   tie clamps, crosses, gold nuggets, rosaries, identification bracelets, etc.

This is a tried and true method, and certainly one you'll want to consider if you are in, or are considering the business of dealing in scrap gold. As with any business, you should research any required permits or licenses for this endeavour.