You've probably heard a lot about silver and gold when the economy hit a slump. Whenever the economy isn't doing so well many investers flock to gold and silver. In fact gold and silver's prices have been on a steady rise now for some time. Silver however is probably the best hedge against inflation and a nice "safety net" for investors

Silver has become a popular investment for many reasons. First it's more affordable to buy than gold. Silver has many industrial uses. It's used in developing film, in components of electronics, and for medical products due to it's anti viral properties. Since silver is used to make things and gold is mostly hoarded, silver will become more rare over time.

So why not just put your money in a money market account or invest in stock. Well another reason many people are buying silver is to hedge against inflation. Allow me to break it down in very simple terms. The US dollar like many of the world's currencies is a fiat currency. What this means is that the money has no real value, it's just paper. It only has money because the goverment says so. So the government keeps printing new money all the time. Eventually some older money is taken out of circulation but the fact is that more and more money is made every day. The more there is floating around the less it's valued. Also if the government were ever to collapse or be overthrown the money would instantly be worthless. Precious metals like silver holds it's value. As inflation continues to rot away the value of the dollar it takes more dollars to buy the same amount of silver over time. Not only that, but as silver become more scarce it is valued even more.

The government knows there money is worthless. Nixon took us off the gold standard in order to give the economy a short lived boost but the government knows where real value is. Civil forfieture laws make it possible for customs agents to confiscate any precious metals they deem as being suspicious. During the great depression Franklin D. Roosevelt signed executive order 6102 forbiding the hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates by us citizens. With the worlds still trying to recover from the largest financial crisis since the great depression and most countries saddled with large amounts of debt the government could try something similar again. It obviously wouldn't be a popular move and it would be a last act of desperation but it is certainly plausible under the right circumstances.

All of this might make me sound like a dooms day profit, however it is none the less true that silver will continue to become more valuable. The only forseeable way it could lose value is if someone actually could find a way to make more out of thin air. Alchemy is still not a real thing so I'd say silver is still a safe bet and a great way to build a hedge against inflation.