Finally, finally, finally.

Starcraft 2 is out and about in the world. The wait is over, and if you are thinking about buying starcraft 2, check out this overview to the new game, what is exciting about it, and how you can get your hands on it quickly.
Starcraft 2 Cover

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty is Blizzard Entertainment's sequel to the world famous platinum success, Starcraft. Like its predecessor, Starcraft 2 is a RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game, which means players take control of the micro and macro operations of an entire war effort, its buildings, units and battle fields in real time. This arrangement lends the game its frenetic and exciting pace, wherein long, ponderous and deadlocked battles can be won in a matter of seconds should some major play be successfully pulled off by one player, or should their opponent flub a crucial strategy.

What's New in Starcraft 2?

Starcraft 2 will most immediately be noted for its total graphical overhaul of the starcraft universe. While all units, terrains and buildings in the first starcraft were animated but drawn out, each single unit, building and terrain feature in starcraft 2 is individually rendered in complete 3D. Not only that, everything within the game world is subjected to an advanced real-world physics engine. What does this mean for gameplay? Well, when a terran marine that's standing at the top of a ramp gets headshotted from far off, his body will crumple and proceed to roll and bounce down the ramp according to his mass, weight-distribution, and the angle of the attack that slayed him. Yes, when destroyed, airships will burst into dozens of massive pieces of debris which flamingly streak toward the surface, ricocheting against cliff walls they pass. Shards will get stuck in different crevices and slowly burn out. In short, there will be much rejoicing.

Protoss and Terran Skirmish

Special Single Player Upgrades

The single player aspect of starcraft 2 has been totally revamped to combine action RTS elements with RPG (Role Playing Game) elements such as advancement, money gathering, skill enhancement and choosing between various different progression paths. In stark contrast from Blizzard's previous offerings, players will find themselves walking around the bridge of a major terran battle cruiser, interacting with terran heroes and ship personnel. This highly interactive interface, similar in many regards to that of Mass Effect, is essentially the single player mission menu. Players will make thematic and moral decisions which will affect the missions they play and their overall success. Here is a picture from inside the terran battlecruiser's bridge:

Starcraft 2 Single Player

Ok, Ok. Now, how do I get it?

While you can go about getting your mitts on starcraft 2 the usual way, by going into a distributor's store, since the game was available for purchase since July 27th, I would recommend the digital download. Via Blizzard's site, you can securely enter your credit card information and within a few minutes be downloading the entire game right to your computer. The only downside to this method is that the download has considerable heft; some people have reported 4 hour total download time, but this will depend on the quality and speed of your connection and your location. You should consider whether or not it will be faster to drive to and from the store, open up the packaging and install it from discs.

By the way, the game is likely to retail for $49 to $60 in stores. It is definitely a flat $59.99 to digitally download it directly from Blizzard.

Happy fragging!