How To Pick The Right Supplements

The last thing I would like people to think that supplements are required in order to make results happen. Diet and exercise is by far the most important and crucial thing to look into before looking to buy health products.


It is true that many people who haven’t even thought of using supplements, or any form of powder to enhance their workout performance, are now spending more than they should on them.

No wonder the supplement industry is worth around $68 billion. It’s increasing every year and the reported 68 billion was from 2007!


That’s enough to fund a couple of wars or all the world’s starvation for many years! It is quite ridiculous how fast and big the supplement industry grew over the past few years.

Everything’s improved, from the science to flavoring. If you bought any supplement in the 80’s, you would be extremely grateful for great flavors of supplement powders that we have today.

When I was first introduced to supplements at the age of 17, I would jump and buy the first thing that had the best claims and marketing. In retrospect, I would have done a lot more research and made sure I was getting what I was paying for.

These days, I make sure I read the reviews of other people who have tried the supplements. Obviously this would be the last step for me. The first step is checking the company and its reputation.

Are you buying something that’s made in Mexico for something that’s based in America? Did you Google the companies review to see if a lot of people complaining about their products or service?

You want to trust supplement companies like you trust your mother.

Ok, maybe you don’t have to trust them like your mother but you should feel comfortable enough trusting that their powders are what they claim to be.

Make sure you checked and research the ingredients. Are they proven to work and are you getting what you’re paying for? It might be cheaper to buy the ingredients in bulk so if you’re on a tight budget you should be considering that first. Smart Choice

Check the review of the product from a reliable website, maybe 1 out of 2 people are complaining from extreme bowel movements.

There is a product that works well but unfortunately you must hit the bathroom for some time after you take the product. They called it “Super Dump 250”. Although I’ve personally taken the product many times; the benefits were worth the 10 minute dumps. (Its name is Super Pump 250 and it’s by Gaspari Nutrition.)

It would also be great if you can find logs online. Supplement logs are when people take a product to test it out and report the effects usually as many times as they use the product. These are great because they might post before and after pictures. It provides proof but there are disadvantages to it as they might be doing something different with their diets, workouts or taking other supplements on the side

Whenever I am interested in a product, I research every ingredient and find the most reliable source of the products reviews.

The industry is already worth so much that I wouldn’t want to make it worth a penny more for nothing. With the given economy, or the unnecessary high prices of the products, it would be great if everyone would be aware of these general guidance.

You will save yourself time and money and most importantly your health.

I’ve been reading reviews for supplements and health for years now that if I wrote one now, I would be extremely helpful and would love to give every little detail for anyone who’s interested to read them.

After I try a product, I will write notes and details so I will not forget anything. This will be extremely helpful for anyone who’s looking for a specific product for results.

But always remember there is always the one user who is not responsive to a specific ingredient or product. There might be a logical reason for the non responsive person.

Supplementing with creatine monohydrate is a great example. Some people are not responsive because their creatine stores are already naturally full. It might be genetics or it might be their diets. It might not have anything to do with the product itself.

So if you’re interested in supplements, you should use common sense while researching about the products your interested in before wasting your own hard-earned money. I have used many supplements so please ask me any questions if you need any help picking your supplements.

Good luck choosing the right supplements for you!