There is a fairly new metal which has been cropping up in jewelry stores since the turn of the millennia. Tungsten carbide rings and other pieces have become extremely popular in recent years due to a number of reasons, namely their appeal to young men in the wedding ring market and due to their very reasonable price range. Tungsten carbide rings have been especially popular with men because they are a dark metal which can be so dark in fact that you can find pieces called black tungsten carbide. Of course the popularity of tungsten carbide ring does not only occur due to their color and price but also due to the metals innate strength. Tungsten carbide is among the strongest metals you can buy.

Tungsten Carbide Rings

Tungsten carbide is actually a form of titanium which was specifically created to be stronger. Of course not all additions come without flaws and this is no exception. If you were to buy a tungsten carbide ring or alternative piece of value jewelry you would not only get an exceedingly strong metal but also one that is slightly more brittle. It's not that you have to worry about the metal breaking on you but you should know that the metal is not invincible.

Tungsten carbide rings are very popular in young men due to the metals masculine appearance. You don't have to buy black tungsten carbide metals but it's tough to find this metal in a light enough sheen to be mistaken for silver. The metal even in its light shades is still fairly dark making this piece appealing to modern men and congruent with modern fashion.

Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring

As can be expected the most popular tungsten carbide rings are those made as wedding bands for men. The tungsten carbide wedding band is in fact one of the most popular wedding bands today for your men. Reasonings for this include the simplicity of string brushed metal design with a dark sheen and low cost.

You can actually buy tungsten carbide rings just about anywhere jewelry is sold but for a truly wide selection of tungsten carbide jewelry you should visit store which specialize in titanium and its related metals. In fact if you want any jewelry made in tungsten carbide other than a man's wedding band you may be hard pressed to find it in any store other than an online retailer. This is because the demand for the metal has yet to find saturation in the market and because it is a relatively rare metal in the first place.

It is arguable that tungsten carbide rings and other pieces will be a good investment as demand for this product is still in it's infancy however titanium is quite precious and as Tungsten gains in popularity so to will it's price. Because tungsten carbide rings are among the easiest tungsten pieces to find this is one of the best options for those looking to invest in jewelry with a speculative side to it. This is of course not a sole reason to buy tungsten carbide wedding bands but it is at least a solid consideration.

Keep in mind right now tungsten carbide rings are in fashion and a lot of the buzz around the metal is due to its current popularity. It is definitely an opinion to be sure but I believe that tungsten carbide will be around for quite a while and will continue to make inroads to the wider jewelry market. If you want to get you feet wet with your first tungsten carbide piece you can start off with a simple tungsten carbide wedding ring or other simple piece and look for future additions to your collection based on your own personal tastes.