Are you a college student and need money for textbooks?

The price of textbooks has become a burden for most college students. I tried saving money by buying a used textbook. Good luck finding any at the campus bookstore. The ones that were available had highlighting from someone who apparently wrote with wet Skiddles. These great bargains were discounted only 25% from the crispy pile of new books. No big savings. I had some initial success with Amazon, eCampus, and Half. Once I ordered a couple of books for an Economics class and by the time I received them, two weeks of class had passed and we had our first quiz the following day. This was not the best strategy for staring a new class.

Finding a part-time job near campus was difficult. I competed with 10,000 other students at the University of New Hampshire for the few jobs that existed locally. The pay was low and the hours often competed with study time. Eventually, I accepted a job at night, which led to lack of sleep and skipping morning classes. A poor job choice, but I needed the cash to survive.

The Search

Two months into the semester, I asked myself a simple question to narrow my search. What is the ideal part-time job? My response: One that has flexible hours, one that uses my education, one that promotes business skills, one that pays well over time, and one that I would be my own boss.

My Journey

I looked in the Help Wanted section of our local newspaper. I was hoping to find one saying "Help Wanted–college students–desperation welcome". A few jobs were available for a local janitor service. Not exactly what I had in mind.

I tried buying and selling used textbooks between semesters, but had a run-in with the campus bookstore. As an establishment, the campus stores are such a monopoly. It's no wonder students have rebelled with Amazon and eCampus doing so well.

Continuing my research, I came across an article about writing a couple paragraphs in a night to generate cash. Basically, you earn income by knowledge sharing online. The process is simple and each day the information you post generates a trickle of income into our checkbook. By the end of each semester you generate enough pocket change to afford new textbooks versus the water damaged (tri-colored) highlighted ones. I became an online writer in my free time to save some money for a project I am funding. Open an author's account and save cash for next semester's textbooks. It will provide you a flexible way to save while in college.