If you are an avid crocheter then you know how expensive yarn can get if you by it at your local craft shop. Many times you can find skeins of yarn on sale but it is rarely in the colors you want. If it was a popular color of yarn then a lot of craft stores will not discount it down. There are better deals available online. You can purchase large amounts of yarn online.

There are many benefits to purchasing yarn online.

Save Money

When buying yarn online you can save money. If you shop around you can find some great deals on yarn and if your are buying multiple skeins of yarn for your crocheting projects then you can save a lot of money. If you are only buying one skein of yarn then it will be cheaper to buy the yarn locally. If you are looking for a particular color or fiber content then you may have to order just 1 skein of yarn online if your local stores do not stock the yarn you want.

Crochet Needle and YarnThe more yarn you buy at one time online the more money you can save. If you need a variety of colors you can easily buy them online. If you need a large quantity of only one color then you can get even better deals when you buy yarn online.

More Colors Available

When buying yarn online you will have access to a huge assortment of colors that are not available anywhere else.

Rare Fibers

Your local craft store or Wal-Mart will always have a variety of yarns for sale but if you need a certain blend they can be hard to find in the color you need if you even find the yarn locally. If you want a specialty yarn that consists of say 50% wool and 50% Acrylic you may not find it locally. Even if you do find the blend of yarn you want locally the odds are your color choice will be very limited. You can easily find the yarn blend you want in the colors you want online.


Once you order yarn online you will learn how easy it is too order yarn online. You can browse a huge selection of yarn all from the comfort of your house. After you order the yarn it will be sent to your house. Ordering yarn online is a great way to help your computer illiterate grandmother get involved with computers.

Where To Buy Yarn Online

There are countless websites that sell yarn online. You can search Google to find websites that sell the fiber blend and colors you want and desire. There are many websites to buy yarn online. Here is a sampling of a few places to buy yarn online.


Ebay is a great place to buy yarn online. You can buy yarn in bulk or simply buy a single skein of yarn in the color you choose. Ebay is like the local dollar store, they may not have the color you want but when they do you can usually get a great deal if you are buying in larger quantities.


Yarn.com is one of the most popular places to buy yarn online. They have a large selection of various fiber blends you can choose from. You can even buy yarn that is not available locally such as Alpaca yarn, hemp yarn, and even bamboo yarn.

Yarns.com even has a close out section with yarns that are discounted heavily. One of the coolest items they have is the "Grab Bags". You can get a huge amount of yarn at steeply discounted prices. You might not know what color or fiber blend you are getting but if you don't like one of the colors then somebody else will.


KnitPicks has a huge assortment of yarn is various colors and fibers along with knitting and crocheting books. KnitPicks also has many crocheting patterns available for you t learn how to make a new crochet project.

KnitPicks has a nice section that sells kits. You pick the project you want and you get not only the yarn you need for the project but directions on how to make it. One of the cool kit items they have is the "Madison Lap Top Case".

The Madison Lap Top Case kit comes with 10 balls of premium "Wool Of The Andes" yarn. Each ball is 50 grams. You also get the pattern that shows you how to make the lap top bag. The only additional item you would need to buy would be a zipper.


SmileysYarns.com is a very popular place to buy discounted yarn online. SmileysYarns.com always has a variety of premium yarn available that is steeply discounted down. Many knitters and crocheters around the Country only buy yarn from SmileysYarns.com.


DarnGoodYarn.com has a variety of yarns and accessories that you rarely see other places such as there "tie dyed felt balls".

DarnGoodYarn.com may not have the cheapest prices for yarn but they do offer wholesale pricing to businesses and individuals who need a custom order. Where else are you going to be able to buy Banana Fiber Yarn?

They have some options for ordering cool and unique yarns for wholesale costs. Even if you are not a business you can buy some yarn packages for cheap. Some of the deals they currently have available include:

  • 2.2 Pounds of Unrefined Silk Yarn ($49.99)
  • 2.2 Pounds of Blender Yarn ($41.99)

Regardless of the type of yarn you want to buy you can always find it online. If you need a rare or hard to find yarn fiber such as Alpaca yarn then you will probably be shopping online as you can always find Alpaca yarn online. If you need to order a large quantity of yarn then the internet is where you want to go. You can price check bulk yarn lots online and find the best deal.

Another great thing about ordering yarn online is that you can usually get free or low cost patterns from many of the websites. Ordering yarn online is a lot of fun and it will open up a whole new world when you begin knitting or crocheting with a rare fiber yarn such as yarn made with Bison. Image Credit:(Flickr/mamamusings)