Let’s face it...managing your finances can be tricky, especially in this day and age. We feel like we are already stretched to the max with all the bills we have to pay. So how are we supposed to save a 20% deposit on a $200,000 house? That’s $40,000!

With a little creativity and willingness, it’s absolutely possible to simultaneously save for your new home and feel healthier. The end goal, buying your dream home, will be worth the easy lifestyle changes…and you might even inspire others along the way!


Dream Home
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Drink To Your Wealth

We all know that water is a key ingredient to a healthy, happy human. Consider getting more of your 8 glass quota by enjoying nature’s beverage rather than buying a drink at the restaurant…a twist of lemon in it is nice too, plus it adds some vitamin C and anti-oxidants (and it’s free!). If lemon doesn’t cut it, grab some powdered stuff from the grocery store to spice it up. You can’t go wrong with water and it will keep a couple bucks in your wallet every time you dine out.

Glass Of Water With Lemon
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Bring Your Lunch

Why not take your lunch with you…to work or even when you’re running errands? With a little forward thinking you can cut back on expenses…and it will be healthier than the fast food options.

Get Creative In The Kitchen

Why go out to eat anyway when you have a maestro in the kitchen? Get creative. Browse the millions of online recipes. There will certainly find something inspired to whet your appetite.  And while you’re at it, shop the generic brands.  Shopping the generic brands might seem a little bit lower class, but even saving 20 cents on a can of peas will add up over time. Give it a go! Sometimes the store’s generic brands even taste better. Every can gets you closer to your new home. Your wallet and your waistline will thank you!

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Walk, Not Cafe

What about getting together with friends over a walk or a run rather than at a café? It’s free, it’s time with friends, and you get fit. Get out there and enjoy it!

Remember that pinching each penny now brings you closer and closer to realizing the dream of owning your dream home and you’ll be healthier for it!


What other ways would you be able to streamline your finances while slimming your waistline? I’d love to know…leave a comment!