A hot tub is a very sought after object to have. Many people proudly display it as a trophy to visitors to their homes. But a tub has many practical uses. Because of the economy, people are working longer and longer hours. There jobs are often quite stressful with many deadlines and a mean boss. A dip in the hot tub after all this is very refreshing. Hot tubs also increase the value of a house. So buying one isn't like flushing money down the drain. You will able to recoup some of it when you sell the house. So in some ways it is an investment. A 6 person hot tub is great because you will be able to host family and friend gatherings in it. This is a very unique experience that most people will not be able to match.

There are several big issues with getting a tub so large. For one, make sure you have enough space. Some people decide to purchase one when they move into a house they just bought. This is because they have not fully moved in and furnished their home. Once the hot tub arrives they see it is not such a great idea. Hot tubs are not cheap and big ones are more pricey. Fortunately there are ways you can save money on buying one.

You should definitely buy your 6 person hot tub online. There are many quality web retailers that you can buy from. Be sure to price shop and check many of them out. Because the market is so competitive, prices has fallen while service levels have increased. In contrast, many local hot tub dealers or stores are relatively quite expensive. They have local monopolies so they can charge whatever price they choose. Many of their staff are paid on commission. Often they will use high pressure sales tactics to get customers to spend more than they originally intended. Buying from an online retailer in great contrast can be done at the leisure of your home and without any scheming sales people in the background.

You might also want to consider buying a refurbished tub. A used hot tub might not exactly sound romantic. But you can usually purchase one at a fraction of the cost of what a brand new one could cost. This really is a personal decision. If you decide to go ahead, be sure to check out how long the warranty lasts and if the manufacturer or retailer covers it.