Looking to buy a FA-130 Black Fender acoustic/electric guitar? This acoustic guitar by Fender makes an excellent first beginner acoustic guitar. While Fender is known for their electric guitars they also make some fine acoustic guitars that are a pleasure to play and own. This guitar would make an excellent gift for someone just starting out on the acoustic guitar. 

You can buy this instrument at several places online and it actually saves you money on the instrument. Many retailers such as Amazon now include free shipping if you buy a small amount of goods from them so you don't need to worry about added costs of the instrument. Let's have a look at this guitar and see exactly what you get.

Fender FA-130 Acoustic-Electric Guitar Pack, Black

You can actually buy this guitar in a package deal and it comes with it's own gig bag. You will probably wan't to buy a hard shell case for it so it's better protected. Most gig bags just don't offer the protection you'll want for your new acoustic guitar. This instrument has a laminated Spruce top and X-bracing. The guitar has a Fishman Ion T Preamp with Built-In Tuner, a Rosewood bridge, and die cast tuning keys to help the guitar stay in tune. The neck on this guitar has twenty frets. This is an acoustic/electric guitar so you can plug it into an amplifier and play along. Thankfully this guitar comes with a small acoustic amplifier that you can use. Later on you'll probably want to buy a better amplifier as the one provided is a bit small but it's perfect for practicing on.

Extras In The Package

Fender FA-130 Black Acoustic GuitarCredit: Amazon

 This  Fender FA-130 guitar comes with extras such as the amplifier but you also get a lot of other great gear too which will save you some money. Included is a instructional DVD, picks, strings, pegwinder, strap, and cord for the amplifier. A pegwinder is a device that makes changing the strings easier. You can put it over the bridge pins and pull out the strings so you don't damage the bridge as well as detune the tuning pegs to take the strings off quickly.  This is a great deal for just under $200.00.

My Thoughts

As a guitar player and teacher for over 25 years, this is an excellent deal for anyone wanting to start playing acoustic guitar. This Fender has a nice cutaway so you can reach those higher frets with ease and the package deal can't be beat. While you can of course buy better instruments this one is ideal for a beginner and you can sell it later on if the player doesn't want to play guitar anymore. This guitar has good reviews and is a well-rounded acoustic guitar, plus it has the added bonus of being an acoustic/electric that you can plug in.

For the price this guitar is a very good buy. Don't expect Guild, Martin, or Taylor sounds here this a beginner practice guitar and it will sound like a good practice guitar.  You will be able to get a wide variety of nice sounds out of it but it won't have the punch and warmth of the larger brand name expensive acoustics. This guitar is recommened for tennagers or young adults because it is too big for a younger child to play or carry.

Fender FA-130 Acoustic/Electric A Great Beginner Guitar

The Fender FA-130 won't break your bank account and it will sound great. Don't expect high-quality expensive acoustic sounds here because it's a beginner practice guitar. You will get some good tones out of it and it will be perfect to learn on. The sound of this guitar will surprise you and it makes a great gift for that new acoustic guitar player in your life.  If you want to want to learn how to play acoustic guitar but never got around it, now is your chance with the Fender FA-130 acoustic/electric guitar.