Buying a Beginner Guitar

Buying a beginner guitar can be a difficult and frustrating experience if you do not know what you're looking for.  In this guide we will discuss what to look for in a beginner guitar and what not to buy.  There are several things that every beginner guitar player needs to keep in mind before buying that first guitar.  It makes no sense to go out and spend big dollars on a Fender or Gibson because the beginner guitar player might not want to play guitar six months down the road. At the same time it is also important not to buy a cheaply made guitar because these are usually very hard to play which leads to enormous frustration on behalf of the player.  This occurs because the cheaply made guitar features strings that are hard to press down.  This is very common on cheap acoustic guitars which make it difficult to progress on the instrument.  You should expect to pay at least two or three hundred dollars for a decent playing beginner guitar.  Even if the guitar player is very young you should still buy something that is easy to play and fun to learn on.

Acoustic or Electric Guitar?

There are two types of basic guitars which we known as acoustic and electric.  There are many small size acoustic guitars that are suitable for young beginners.  Your local music store can point you in the right direction when it comes to one of these instruments.  Many young students will have success with a nylon string student guitar because the strings are easy to press down for young developing fingers.  These guitars are not that expensive and would make a great beginning guitar for a young student.  For a teenager or someone a bit older there is the option of an acoustic or electric guitar.  The acoustic is more expensive and it takes more finger pressure and hand strength to play it properly.  I recommend that beginners start out on the electric guitar especially if the student is a teenager.

The electric will give the teenager student more enjoyment because they will be able to play their favorite songs from bands that they enjoy.  Since most teenagers enjoy rock music the electric guitar is a better choice.  The strings are easy to press down and the instrument is easier to play than the acoustic.  Most young people will stick with the instrument if their first guitar is the electric.  For someone a bit older the acoustic might be a better option for that player.  Of course the final decision is up to the buyer and the music the player might be interested in.

Guitar Packages Provide Good Value

Many guitar makers produce guitar lines that are just as good as their main models but cost much less. For example, Fender makes the Fender Squier which is like a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar but costs much less. When I first started playing the guitar my first instrument was the Fender Squier guitar which I used for many years before buying a new guitar. Guitar makers such as Fender make starter packages which include a guitar and accessories. In the case of an electric guitar you also receive an amplifier. This is not only a good deal but you get everything that a new beginner requires. Don't make the mistake of buying a package from a no name guitar maker because the instrument you receive will be of poor value.

Enjoy Your New Guitar

If you need help in buying a beginner guitar try to take someone who already plays the instrument with you the store so you have a better idea of what to buy.  You can also go online to guitar forums and ask other people what they recommend in a new beginner guitar.  Just make sure that first beginner guitar is not of poor value so the new player enjoys learning the instrument.