Buying a briefcase frequently signifies the transition into a more official workplace. Most often they are used to store laptops, files, folders, other important documents, pens/pencils, cell phones, ipods and planners. Briefcases are a more refined way to carry these items which would fit perfectly well in a laptop case, messenger bag or laptop bags. Typically briefcases are leather covered, and come in black or brown. Choosing between the two colors can prove to be a difficult task. There are a few things you can look at when deciding between the two.

First, what color suit or work clothes do you normally wear. If you wear a black suit every day to work, you should get a black briefcase. While a brown one would not look bad, and no one is expecting you to keep up with the newest fashion trends out of GQ, a black one would look better. If you wear a navy, khaki, grey or tweed suit, then you could go with either. Choosing a black one might give a more traditional appearance to everyone, where as a brown one could give a more laid back, fashion forward, or European flare to your work ensemble.

Second, depending on the style of briefcases you are looking at, you should choose a color that is most fitting. For a very conservative looking briefcase, you might want to choose black and wear a black suit to work. On the other end, if you are choosing a soft shell briefcase with a shoulder strap attachment, it would be fitting to find a brown one with a worn-in appearance.

Lastly, and most importantly, which color do you like the most. Many people prefer a black briefcase because it appears official and is simple, but elegant. Some like a brown one because it can get a few scuffs and not show them as badly as a black one. Ultimately, if you are going to spend money (ranging from $50 to $1500) on a briefcase, you should get one you are going to be happy with. You might have it for a long time.

Either way, black or brown, you should make sure your briefcase has the features you need. Whether it is something very small and light, just enough to carry your laptop and a legal pad, or something large enough to carry many files, in addition to your laptop. The color might be something you don't like very much, but you could learn to live with it if the briefcase functioned well. If the briefcase was the perfect color, but did have the features you need, you would not be very happy with it. In the end your briefcase, one version of a laptop case, should have both the features you want and the look that makes you happy.