There's two basic types of leather sofa beds, and there's only one type that I can recommend that you get. If you've decided on getting a brown leather sofa bed, these two basic types apply. So you want to make sure you get the right kind, unless you want to purposely get the wrong kind to deter unwanted guests. That's because the wrong kind is supremely uncomfortable and I personally believe they should be outlawed because of how they can mess up a person's back. If you have any concern for the health of the people who might sleep on your sofa bed, don't get that kind!

Okay, I've been going on about the "wrong" kind. You want the details? This is the pull out type of sofa bed. These usually consist of a metal and wire frame tucked away inside the sofa, pre-loaded with a mattress. The reason they are such bad news is that neither the frame nor the mattress provide adequate support. In fact, support is so spotty that you can usually feel the main support bars through the mattress, which is likely to be uneven from being folded up inside the sofa. This lack of support translates to a miserable back on awakening. The pull out frame is something that seems like a good idea and an ingenious design until you actually try it out. Do yourself and your guests a favor and steer clear of this type of sleeper sofa, backs will thank you.

So what is the right kind of brown leather sofa bed, then? Basically, it's the type where you sleep right on the cushions. These days, many sofas designed for sleeping on have relatively even sitting areas with broad, flat cushions. There's little work to do to convert the sofa to a bed, so you can nap on it when watching TV and it's just like a bed. Of course, there are many variations on this designs. Some have backs that fold down, enlarging the sleeping surface. While you probably wouldn't want to sleep on the crack, this does provide a larger sleeping surface, one that won't leave you groaning in agony in the morning. When browsing sofas in the furniture store, check for cushions that give continuous support that doesn't feel lumpy or uneven. These will be the most comfortable surfaces for sleeping on . An added benefit of this "good" kind of sofa bed is that there's no folding mechanism to wrestle with.

The selection of brown leather sofa beds is smaller than, but similar to, the general selection of non-sleeper brown leather sofas. The same rules about choosing quality apply, too, so check to make sure that the leather is genuine and preferably full grain. Make sure, too, that the frame is made of good materials and will stand up to use.