Buying a cheap toilet

Toilet bowls are an important necessity in every person's life because it's one of those things that we use on a daily basis. So what do we look for when we decide to buy a toilet bowl? Hopefully something that works well and flushes just right. There are different kinds of toilets, each with its own unique quality and capabilities. If you're looking for something that's new, you can find all kinds of toilet bowls from a lot of shops and even find some on the internet. Some shops can even make you your own customized toilet bowls based on your specifications. But what if you have a limited budget and you're in need of a toilet replacement and need to find one that's well within your budget range? Well you can find cheap ones online and in garage sales. But just because you're looking for something cheap and affordable doesn't mean it has to be used or second hand. I mean come on, would you want to use a toilet bowl that someone already used? I don't think so. There are so many kinds of toilet bowls you can get online that's really cheap or affordable. Prices aside, there's also the dilemma of choosing the kind of toilet you want.

The Different Types of Toilet Bowls

There are different kinds of toilet bowls, all of which differ on how they flush:

  • Gravity flush toilets- these types of toilet bowls are one of the most commonly used. They are the kind of toilet that uses water weight and gravity to increase the flushing pressure. This forces the water down into its S-shaped trap way and the syphoning action finishes the flushing process. Hence the term gravity flush.

  • Pressure assisted toilets- these are more expensive compared to the other toilet bowls. This one operates with a vessel tank that uses a strong amount of water pressure which causes a quick flushing action. Some might consider this as one of the best performing toilet bowls and has less tendency of clogging up.

  • Vacuum-assisted toilets- vacuum assisted toilets works similarly with the gravity flush toilets. However this one uses a force vacuum instead of gravity to flush down the wastes.

  • Dual flush toilets- these are one of the newer models of toilet bowls. They have two buttons and each has a corresponding function. One button is for disposing the solid wastes which uses more water to flush, while the other button is for the disposal of liquid waste materials and uses only a small amount of water for flushing.

Once You've Decided

Once you've finally decided what kind of toilet bowl you're going to get that's when it's time to get the measurements. The size of your toilet bowls should be appropriate for your bathroom. Make sure that you measure the precise depth, width, and thickness for the wall placement. Also, do not forget to take the precise measurements of your pipes so you won't have any trouble with pipes not fitting with the toilet. If you're one of the people who has no clue about toilet installation and plumbing, then you could always get some professional help. This is going to set you back a couple of bucks, but it'll be worth it. So you're buying a cheap toilet, but you're still having trouble finding the right place to get it?. For this scenario, the best place to start looking for one is online. You can find all kinds of cheap stuff online, and that includes cheap toilet bowls. One benefit of buying online is that some, if not most, of the manufacturers selling the units are offering free shipping and installation. And because there are so many manufacturers out there that offer reasonable prices, it's probably better to compare prices with other companies. It's best that you keep a wide range of companies to choose from because you may never know if there might be some special offers coming from the others.

The best branded toilets are always the ideal toilets to buy, but some of them may be more expensive than the others, especially the newer models. Since we're looking for the cheap ones, we are going to have to make do with what we can get. It may not be as fancy as the newer models, but the important thing is that the unit is functioning correctly. Just as long as we can afford a toilet that performs well enough to meet our needs then you should have no problem at all.