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Diablo is an extremely successful franchise developed by Blizzard Entertainment. If you are in the market to buy a Diablo 2 battle chest, check out this article for quick tips about what to expect inside and where to get the best price.
Diablo 2 Cover

The Battlechest bundle is something Blizzard has done with previous games such as Starcraft and Warcraft. These bundles usually include the root game, which is the standard and most basic software within a given franchise, an expansion pack, which adds new content such as maps, units and missions, and an official strategy guide. In the case of Diablo 2, the battle chest includes the root Diablo 2 game, the expansion pack which adds 2 new units: The druid and the assassin. The strategy guide included is written by Bradygames and includes some decent table-based information on weapons, enemies and the major fights within the single player story. However, much of the material within the guide will only be of real benefit to new players as they learn the basics of weapon damage and class abilities. Most advanced and useful strategies that are pertinent to the current state of the game, however, will be found online in blizzar d's official forums and those of a couple of the best third party fan sites.

Character Classes in Diablo 2


Ponying Up the Loot

So, how can you buy a Diablo 2 battle chest for as little as possible? Usually, you will want to avoid going the retail route and buying it from an actual shop. Almost always, it is going to be cheaper online. has some pretty good deals, as does eBay. Make sure you verify whether the package you finally buy is new or used. While USED software typically works just as well as new software, you do want to make sure there are no scratches or physical trauma that would prevent your disc from being read properly.

As far as price range is concerned, the battle chests usually retailed for $50 when Blizzard initially released them. Nowadays, you should be looking to spend $24 to $39 for the packages online, depending on whether or not they are used and whether or not you have to pay high shipping costs.

Why Even Bother with the Battle Chest?

The Diablo 2 battle chest is sort of a fun package to receive and open up; it feels weighty and significant and it definitely packs countless hours of content when you consider the original game, PLUS the expansion back both have online capabilities where you can level your character up to level 99. However, the strategy guide itself is a bit lackluster, so consider that when weighing the price of the chest. It may be possible to get the original Diablo 2 game plus the Expansion pack without the guide for cheaper. It all depends on your comfort level with plunging into the rank depths of Diablo 2's dungeons without any support...MUahAahaHaha!

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