Fender is a well known name in the musical instrument manufacturing industry. With a long history since 1946, Fender has grown to become one of the most famous guitar brands in the world. Besides electric guitars and electric basses, Fender also manufactures a line of acoustics. A Fender acoustic guitar will definitely be one of your prized possessions as they never fail to deliver the quality they stand for. Because of its popularity, people often assume that a Fender brand acoustic guitar is expensive. However, finding a value for money Fender acoustic guitar is not impossible if you know where to look.

Fender Acoustic Guitar

Buy a Fender Acoustic Guitar from Online Stores

The internet is a great place to source for a Fender acoustic guitar. There are many online musical instrument stores which would sell a Fender acoustic guitar such as Roxymusic and Musicpower in the US or Allansmusic in Australia. They often have online catalogues which allow you to find out the specifications of the acoustic guitar such as the body material and its dimensions. If they do not, you can check the official Fender website to get the details that you need. It is worth checking out these online sites as they might have stock clearances on their older acoustic guitar models and you can definitely get a bargain on many branded guitars including Fender. Some of them bundle their acoustic guitar with gig bags, straps and tuners, making it a value for money. There might also be special discounts offered to online buyers for buying online rather than physically going to their shop. Due to the massive online competition, it is not hard to find Fender acoustic guitars on sale.

Another good place to start looking for your Fender acoustic guitar is from Amazon. Amazon has a wide range of acoustic guitars for you to select from. There are many acoustic guitar models to suit your level of playing. With the price savings that it offers, you could easily find one to suit your budget. The lower range of the Fender acoustic guitar series is the Squier range for beginners and the Fender California Series is for more experienced players. Even as a beginner, there is no reason not to get a Fender acoustic guitar if you can get it for under $100. You can check out this deal for yourself here.

This Fender SA-100 comes with a gig bag and electronic tuner. So much for a bargain! Where else in the world could you find such a deal? This could be a cheap and perfect gift to encourage your child to learn the guitar. The quality that you get from a Fender brand for that price is unbeatable.

Buy a Fender Acoustic Guitar from eBay

eBay is a good place to start looking for a cheap Fender acoustic guitar. You might be able to find used guitars or brand new ones at a discount on this site. However, be sure to take note of any visible defects on the guitar before buying it. The guitar neck might be warped or there might be cracks on the guitar's body. It is always better to ask the seller about any defects before buying from them to ensure that you do not end up with a lemon. You should also beware of overly cheap prices as they might be from unethical sellers who would rip you off by selling you a fake Fender acoustic guitar. This is highly illegal as it is product counterfeit. The best way to minimize this risk is to check the seller's reputation before buying the instrument. Besides these cautionary steps to take, finding a good guitar to buy on eBay is not a problem as there are many people selling their used Fender acoustic guitar to buy a new one. One thing to note when you have bought the acoustic guitar is to request the seller to pack it properly as acoustic guitars are sensitive to rough handling which may happen during transit.

Buy a Fender Acoustic Guitar from Music Stores

Music stores are another great way to find a Fender acoustic guitar. You could drop by the music store in your neighbourhood to check out the guitars available for sale. These music shops are often specialized in high quality music instruments, thus there will be a wide range for you to choose from. An advantage of buying from music stores is that you can try out the acoustic guitar before buying it. You could physically feel it and determine if you like its sound. As you would probably know, different body material would produce different sounds, so it is best that you try it out for yourself before buying it. Buying from your local music outlet also save you the delivery cost if you were to buy your acoustic guitar online. However due to their physical size limitation, they may not always have the full range of Fender acoustic guitar models, so the model that you want might not be available.

A good time to check out these music shops is during the Christmas sale period, where guitar prices are slashed for the holiday season. Capitalize on this opportunity to buy yourself a Fender acoustic guitar. Some of them might have clearance sales for older guitar models so that they can bring in the new models. If you do not mind the physical look of your guitar, you could also look for a guitar which is scratched and offer a lower price for it. There are bound to be one or two guitars that are slightly scratched in the process of moving them around in the shop. If you get a display guitar, it might also be sold at a cheaper price because it has been used for customers to test.

Time to Buy

To ensure that you get the best deal on your Fender acoustic guitar, it might be worthwhile to combine the methods said above. You could first go to the store and test out the model that you like, and then go on the internet and search for the best bargain you can get. This way, you can reap the benefits of tying it out first before actually forking out money to purchase it. Buying through the net would definitely offer you a wider choice of Fender acoustic guitar models that you would not be able to get from a local store.