Everybody knows that leather is the most stylish and upscale material you can use for living room furniture. This is true enough for traditional sofas, but when you use leather upholstery for corner sofas, you'd better look out, because what you end up with are some very nice looking and comfortable sofas. The leather corner sofa has been around for years now, and is available as both cutting edge designer sofas as well as in more traditional designs. The enlarged seating area means that you can better show off the leather surfaces. At the same time, you gain some practical benefits as the sofa becomes very well suited for sleeping on. Indeed, a corner sofa bed may just be the best kind of sofa bed out there these days, and getting one of these sofas will really be a win-win situation for most people.

When getting you leather corner sofa, one of the primary considerations will be size. It may be that size doesn't matter in some situations, but you will want to make sure that the sofa is the right size for your living room. This means checking to see not only whether or not it will fit, but also whether it is well-proportioned relative to the room. A small corner sofa will serve sitting needs nicely and will even sleep one adult, so this sofa could suit most small families. These are your typical 'L' shaped corner sofas and are probably also the cheapest corner sofas you'll find. A large corner sofa may consist of up to 5 pieces, and can really take up a lot of room. These are only for large living rooms with long walls that will accommodate the expanse of the sofa. Keep in mind that the larger ones will cost more, too, especially if they are made from real leather.

You need to know that there are many grades of leather out there. For those concerned with quality and longevity, as well as looks, full grain leather is the best choice. This is the most expensive leather as it is the thickest and most unprocessed. That's because it is also the handsomest and sturdiest leather out there. Compared to a fabric corner sofa, a leather corner sofa made with this leather should last many many more years, as long as the frame has been strongly built. Especially for those who plan to use their sofa a lot for both sitting and sleeping, such an investment in quality will pay for itself in terms of the use you get out of the sofa.