Miniaturization technology has certainly gone through leaps and bounds during the past decade. At this rate, laptops of the future might evolve to become as thin as postcards. Thankfully, that's still a long way off. Today, laptops are getting thinner and lighter, especially those pink laptops you come across at ads on the internet. If you're interested in these laptops, then consider this article as a guide to buying a new pink laptop.

What are laptops?

Of course, before choosing a laptop, you have to know what it is you're buying first (just in case you really have no clue). Laptops are basically smaller computers that you can carry around anywhere you go. It works much like a PC except that it's on a small scale. It looks a lot like a small and thin suitcase, that when you open it you can see that the other side is a monitor, and the other one's a keyboard. It has a touchpad (or an external mouse, in some designs) for easier point and click navigation.

Pros and cons

Apart from the fact that pink laptops will make you look even more gorgeous, they'll certainly be handier to carry around due to the fact that most modern designs of laptops are basically thinner and lighter. It's complete with wireless internet capability as well as having enough battery life until the next charging time. The only downside to these thin laptops is that they're so light that they could probably break easily compared to the older ones, so it's best that you exercise caution when handling.

What to look for

As mentioned above, laptops are light enough to carry around. That in itself is a huge plus for people who like to travel and still be connected to the web. The more recent laptop designs are basically powerful enough to handle almost anything so the only thing you have to worry about is battery life. Make sure that it has a long lifespan for it to be enjoyable.

The different brands and types

Apple basically has a lot of pink laptops in their catalog. However, there are other pink designs such as brands from Acer, Sony, HP, Fujitsu and ASUS. All have various colors for you to choose from. These brands also dish out the best laptop computers on the market these days, so choosing from any one of them can be a guaranteed win-win situation. You can choose from different types of laptops such as gaming laptops, business laptops, etc.

How much are they?

Depending on the specs of a laptop, prices can vary from $300 to $2000. You're lucky if you can find a $300 laptop that'd be good enough for your gaming pleasure (that's doubtful, though). The average pricing of laptops happen to be around $900 to $1000 and these are quite excellent for a variety of tasks. However, computer specs are what it's all about. If you really want a powerful laptop, then be prepared to shell out $2000 or more for a mind-blowing gaming experience.

Pink laptops can be bought in any electronic or computer store near you. However, a lot of people like to shop online simply because there's more time for consideration. Just make sure that the online store is trustworthy enough so you can enjoy a wonderful laptop experience.